• bollywood fusion

    Shrina Patel - Zumba & Bollywood at Prana Yoga EdmontonOriginating from India, Bollywood dance is a modern cultural style that continues to transform at a rapid pace and is taking the West by storm. This unique and enchanting dance style incorporates several genres of dance from around the world including styles of salsa, hip-hop, belly-dance, zumba, contemporary jazz, dancehall, reggaeton, ballroom, and variations of classical Indian dance techniques.
    Bollywood offers participants the opportunity to experience a unique approach to movement. Our classes will begin with stretching and a light cardio warm-up followed by choreography from mainstream Bollywood dance culture. The classes are designed to provide a total body workout through the colorful elegance, flair and passionate movement of Bollywood. 

    These classes are also available for private booking for wedding choreography, parties & more!

    Bollywood Fusion is an active introduction to the sparkle and spunk of Bollywood dance, building cardio fitness while learning signature dance moves and fun routines, culminating in a short choreographed dance piece in session 2!

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