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  • kids yoga


    Ages 5 to 11 years:

    These are not your typical yoga classes! Children learn to stretch, breathe, and relax in a playful way, creating a lifelong foundation for well being. Other benefits include building strong, limber, and healthy bodies, improving social interaction, and developing focus, concentration, and attention span.
    Children will learn invaluable skills to help them face the challenges of growing up, and to develop physical and emotional strength. They will cultivate self esteem and self acceptance through a non-competitive activity, and most importantly, they will have fitness fun.
    This class combines traditional hatha yoga postures and pranayama (breath control) with educational themes to engage the “Whole Child” through learning. Your child’s class will include yoga, games, meditation through art, and relaxation.

  • teen power yoga

    Teen Power Yoga is a dynamic flowing class which quickly builds strength, flexibility, and focus while weaving in components of yoga philosophy as related to a modern teen’s life and challenges. This practice is great cross-training for athletic teens, as well as for teens looking to get fit in a non-competitive environment. Relaxation and meditation are included at the end of every class. This class also develops awareness, posture and coordination, helping teens to make life choices from a place of clarity and strong self-esteem. Maximum benefits are acheived by attending both weekly classes. For ages 12-18. Pre-registered class sign-up 

  • dance around the world

    In Dance Around the World children take an imaginary plane ride to different countries to learn about their cultures, costumes and dance forms.  Children are exposed to various forms of music that accompany each form of dance (Hawaiian, Bellydance, Bollywood, African, Jazz, Ballet, Irish,and Creative Dance). It is a fabulous and fun way to introduce dance into your kid’s world!!! Children have a chance to wear costumes (ie. hip scarves or hula skirts) and use props (ie. poi balls or ribbons).  Please include a nut-free snack and drink for 75 minute classes (Fridays only), the last 15 minutes children will have a snack, do a craft or color. These classes are longer than normal in order to synchronize with the adult yoga class).  For fall, winter  and spring classes, children will learn simple choreography as well as imaginative movement. Fridays Ages 3-6, barefeet or dance shoes please, no socks.

    Pre-registered class sign-up

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