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  • pre-registered class registration now available!

    Reg6bd87a18749fb633763d387c61939bfaistration for the next session of pre-registered yoga classes is now available online!

    All of our Hatha Beginner, Therapeutic, Hatha Level 2 and Meditation classes have switched to drop in only for the remainder of the summer.

    Prenatal Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga, Kids Yoga and Healing Breath Therapy are all available for registration  for 5 week sessions!




  • akhanda yoga® master class: roots of our true nature

    Yogi VishvetuMaster Class June 5-7, 2016

    June 12 5-7 pm $45

    Join us for an uplifting yoga practice with master teacher Yogi Vishvketu Phd, founder of Akhanda Yoga®. Through asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra we will explore ways to keep ourselves aligned with our true nature everyday. This time spent in dedication to our deeper selves cultivates fertile conditions for our true potential to blossom.

    How does our karma work to inform our choices in daily life? We are all born into the world with karmic coding, from our family, our background, and our culture that informs how we make choices in our lives. By choosing to act in alignment with our true nature, we plant healthy karmic seeds that will grow and flourish.

    Yogi Vishvketu is the founder of Akhanda Yoga and author of Yogasana: Encyclopedia of Yoga Posures, as well as being the beloved teacher of teachers at Prana Yoga Studio! He brings the roots of ancient yoga alive in the west with workshops, trainings and retreats that are enlivening, joyful, subtle, playful and deep.





  • Yoga Teacher Training FREE Class & Info Session

    Yoga Teacher Training EdmontonFREE Class & YTT Info Session – Learn more about our 200 & 300 hour programs!

    Monday, June 6 7:30pm-9:30pm

    7:30 pm Akhanda Yoga Flow with Isabelle
    9-9:30pm Q & A with Isabelle & Leala



    Prana Yoga Studio Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program in Edmonton

    Love yoga and want to go deeper? Burning to share what you love about yoga with others? Simply curious to find out more about what yoga teacher training entails?

    If you have a passion for yoga and for exploring the deeper questions of life, if you love to grow and learn, if you are ready to take your practice or teaching to the next level and/or ready to share your passion for yoga with others, this course may be your next step!

    Whether you are clear you want to teach, or that you want to dive more deeply into the tradition of yoga for your own personal growth, you are warmly welcome to attend our free class and info session about our upcoming 2015 yoga trainings:

    200 hour Intensive training begins July 25, 2016 

    Participants receive one month of free drop-in yoga classes at Prana during directly following the course.

    Find out more about our teacher trainings here.





  • Fundamentals of Photography Workshop: Level Two

    With Tyler EnfieldManarola 1

    Wednesday June 1, 6-9pm
    $45 + gst

    Building upon everything we learn in Level One, this workshop is for photographers who want to expand their knowledge of a DSLR camera’s finer settings, and really move into creative expression. This will be a hands-on workshop, with time to shoot indoors and out, and to review our images together for critique.

    In this workshop we learn:
    -Long Exposure/Night Photography
    -Neutral-Density Filters
    -White Balance
    -Reading Histograms
    -Picture Modes
    -Drive Settings
    -(Time allowing) Basic DSLR video

    This is a hands-on workshop, so please bring your own DSLR camera to practice with.

    View Tyler’s Photo Gallery

    Please note: This is an outbound workshop held at Tyler’s photography studio (5 minutes from Prana) 361 Ormsby Road West





  • Prenatal Partner Workshop

    Sole_Mariano-175-2Connecting through movement, breath and massage.

    Sunday, June 5 10:30am-12:30pm

    When approached mindfully, the journey through pregnancy and birth can have a profound and positive effect on a couple’s bond. The intensity of the experience provides a unique opportunity to deepen and strengthen the relationship.

    Join Mariano and Soledad for a fun and informative experiential workshop for pregnant couples or birth partners. The workshop includes:

    • partner yoga
    • massage
    • acupressure points for natural pain relief during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum
    • tips for partner involvement during labour and postpartum
    • quick-reference handouts with key points to remember

    Cost: $50 + GST per couple

    Soledad and Mariano Torres are the owners and directors of Integrated Therapies. Soledad is a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, massage therapist and one of the founders of Omyogamama prenatal yoga teachers training. Mariano is a Registered Acupuncturist, Registered Thai massage Therapist and bodyworker. They have helped in the creation of two beautiful children, Orel and Pina.





  • Rock Your Body with Confidence!


    Saturday, June 11 9-10am

    Join Rosalyn Fung for a powerful 60 minute talk.

     Struggling with liking what you see in the mirror? Tired of beating yourself up with thoughts like “I’m too fat”, “I’m not attractive”, “I can’t wear this”?

    Discover a POSITIVE and PRACTICAL psychology approach to finding a Happy, Healthy and Loving Relationship with Yourself and Your Body Image!

    This powerful 60-minute talk will show you:

    • How (and where) unconscious messaging is sneaking in and sabotaging your efforts to LOVE YOUR BODY and yourself!
    • 3 SIMPLE SOLUTIONS that start giving you the Body Confidence you’re craving right away! Hint: It’s not about diet or exercise!
    • How to SHIFT YOUR MINDSET away from negative self-talk so that you can finally start to feel free and comfortable in the skin that you’re in!

    Rosalyn is a Registered Psychologist that has specialization in Holistic Nutritional Psychology. She empowers people in their relationship with food, body image, weight, as well as digestion, fatigue, immunity and mood. Her approach is a combination of eating psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, family systems, developmental psychology and nutritional therapy.

    Note: This talk can be claimed through your health benefits.





  • Yoga for anxiety

    jeanetteSaturday June 11, 1:30-4:30pm
    $60 + gst

    Anxiety is a major concern for a large percentage of the population. Individuals of all ages can be affected in varying degrees. Leading a very stressed and hectic lifestyle is common in today’s society and can lead to anxiety and panic attacks. In this workshop we will explore the yoga postures and breathing techniques which are extremely helpful in reducing and perhaps even eliminating anxiety and panic attacks.

    Jeanette Ward, 500RYT
    Jeanette’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching yoga is a delight to be a part of.  She began to experience the numerous positive benefits of practicing yoga in 1996 and started teaching in 2002.  With a background in Group Fitness (since 1988), Jeanette has discovered that bringing unity and balance to the mind, body and spirit, is just as important as keeping the physical body in shape. During her extended yoga teacher training in India (2009), Jeanette’s knowledge and understanding of yoga was deepened and enriched by her teacher, Yogi Vishvketu.  She considers it one of the most transformational experiences of her life, and is most grateful for the profound healing that she received. Other teachers that Jeanette feels most fortunate to have studied with are:  Donna Farhi, TKV Desikachar, Mark Whitwell, Rodney Yee and Shiva Rea. Jeanette’s awareness of the energetic aspect of the human body has been enhanced through the practice of yoga.  She has taken numerous courses in energetic anatomy, is a Reiki Practitioner and has experienced first hand, the power of hands on healing.  Jeanette is thrilled to be sharing the many gifts of yoga and energy healings on a full-time basis.





  • healing breath therapy

    Erik Hanzen - Yoga Teacher Training Prana Yoga StudioWith Erik Hanzen

    Sunday, June 12
    $35 + gst

    For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth. ~Sanskrit Proverb

    Healing Breath Therapy is a healing system based on the natural intelligence of the body.  This therapy utilizes the power of the breath to heal and balance the mind and body combining techniques of yogic breathing and shamanic breathing.  Breath is the most powerful source of life force energy (prana) which can heal the body, open blockages, reveal patterns or addictions, assist in the releasing of past trauma or abuse and accelerate spiritual growth.

    “This powerful therapy is safely and expertly guided, each session offers a new experience in healing, self exploration and growth.” D.N.





  • Yin Yoga Training Intensive

    With Carly Forest

    IMG_0125Saturday, June 18, 2016: 9am-6pm
    Sunday, June19, 2016:  9am-5pm

    Discovering the healing potential of a yin practice is becoming more common. This 15 hour training is designed for both yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners to delve deep into the practice and theory of Yin Yoga, exploring anatomy, meridian theory, sequencing, safety in postures, and mindfulness.

    Program of Study:
    • Form, method of instruction, benefits and cautions of Yin postures
    • Learning to sequence for both teaching a yin class or as a home practice
    • Anatomy and the physical/mental benefits of Yin Yoga
    • Learn about energetic meridians and how they apply to Yin Yoga
    • Mindfullness theory – learning to sit with the mind in the intensity of Yin Yoga

    Carly Forest has taught in and around Victoria BC for over a decade. She began her meditation training in 2002 and has sat numerous retreats since then, in both the Theravadin and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. She has studied Yin Yoga in depth with both Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers and has completed an 18 month Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training at Spirit Rock. She is an endorsed Insight Yoga teacher, after completing her training with the Insight Yoga Institute in California. Carly is a volunteer counsellor through the Esquimalt Neighborhood House and is currently undergoing training in medical qi gong. She offers deep gratitude and respect to her primary teachers Sarah Powers and Jennifer Welwood.

    Carly’s style provides her students with a range of mindfulness-based philosophy woven through the asana practice. She teaches workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings locally and abroad.

    A Yin Yoga training intensive manual developed by Carly is included in the cost of the course.

    Required Reading: Insight Yoga by Sarah Powers (not included with registration cost)

    Tuition and Registration

    $350 + GST   *This training filled last time! Reserve your spot soon!*






  • aging gracefully & blossoming into bliss

    20141210-_MG_9837-07 (1)SAU logo blue new Suriya






    Join special guest teachers Suriya and Gyanmurti for 2 amazing workshops! 

    Blossoming Into Bliss – A Woman’s Awakening.

    Wednesday, June 15 1:30-3:30 $40 + GST
    Blossoming into Bliss focuses on female sexuality, on how to bring more intimacy and understanding into our pelvic floor. What are the tools we can use to strengthen or relax our pelvic floor muscles, what are pelvic floor muscles and how do they influence us in everyday life and in our ability to orgasm, to perceive pleasure and joy in life. We will also lighten up the topic of menstruation and how to find more ease in this process through the tantric way. 

    Aging Gracefully: Yoga for a healthy and rejuvenating life.

    Wednesday, June 22 1-4pm $60 + GST
    Discover the yogic secrets of youthfulness and a rejuvenating life. Explore the importance of Yoga and purification in relation to your immune system and healthy aging. Creating positive emotions is only one aspect of staying young and lively throughout the years. Join us in this wonderful exploration to learn more about the basic longevity-enhancing capacities of your body and being, through Yoga, meditation and more.

    Combo Packet: Attend both for $ 85 

    Over many years, Gyanmurti has studied and applied teachings from various Yoga schools and traditions from around the world. This has given him a deep understanding of Therapeutic Yoga, Tantra and metaphysical studies. For a period of 4 months he lived in a yogic environment isolated from external influences. During this time he practiced a wide range of Yogic techniques and theory.

    Suriya is an experienced Yoga practitioner, body worker and Tantra Instructor. As a yoga therapy consultant she has the experience to help people find peace and healing within. She has studied natural and traditional healing methods including homeopathy, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, Shiatsu, process orientated psychology and reflexology.






  • Kids Yoga & Dance Summer Camp

    Untitled design (1)
    ages 6-12

    It’s back!! Join our beloved kid’s teachers for yoga, dance, crafts & fun!

    Kids will go on virtual adventures every day! Each day includes meditation, yoga, dance and crafts.

    Choose from the following dates:
    July 6-8 (Dawn & Sara McNeill)
    July 13-15 (Amanda & Sara Morris)
    August 24-26 (Dawn & Belen)

    1-4 pm daily  *Please bring a healthy nut-free snack, water bottle and yoga mat

    $135 + GST per 3 day camp
    (Register a sibling and receive 10% off the second registration fee, must be done over the phone or in studio)




  • preschool summer yoga camp

    Preschool Summer Camps

    Ages 3-6

    Back again for another round!

    Join our beloved kid’s teachers for yoga, dance, crafts & fun!

    Kids will go on virtual adventures every day! Each day includes meditation, yoga, dance and crafts.

    A few options to choose from:

    July 4-5 (Sara McNeill & Dawn)
    July 11-12 (Sara Morris & Amanda)
    August 22-23 (Dawn & Belen)

    1-2:30pm each day

    $55 + GST (Register a sibling and receive 10% off the second registration fee, must be done over the phone or in studio)

  • Phoenix Flow: Yoga for Fort McMurray Fundraiser

    Phoenix Flow Yoga for Fort McMurray, Fundraiser, For McMurray Fundraiser, Edmonton Yoga, Yegyoga, Alberta Strong

    Thank you everyone who came out for our Fort Mac Fundraiser! It was a beauutiful day of yoga, music, connection, reflection & play!

    Please spread the word: all Fort McMurray residents who have been displaced and are staying in Edmonton are invited to attend any drop-in class at Prana for FREE from now through the end of May. Come release stress through yoga,  breath, mindfulness & relaxation.

    So far we have raised over $1000!

    Couldn’t make it but would love to donate? Click below to donate $25!

    register (7)



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