who are we, and what is prana?

Prana: (sanskrit) pra’na: Vital life force energy which is absorbed through breath, permeating body, mind & spirit.

Prana Yoga Studio has been offering cutting edge, holistic yoga classes, workshops and Yoga Teacher Training programs in Edmonton’s west end for seventeen years. In 2016 after ten years in Hawkstone Plaza, we moved locations, taking the opportunity to expand and add an amazing hot yoga room. Now students get to enjoy two spacious studios with curved walls, hardwood floors, salt chrystal lamps and inspiring decor, including a fireplace and waterwall. There are also beautiful rain head showers, spacious change rooms, lockers, and a yoga boutique.

As a teaching community, we are extremely dedicated to the path and practice of yoga, and passionate about sharing it with others. We love bringing the roots of traditional yoga to life for timeless application in the modern world, while delivering engaging classes for all levels.

By synergizing breath, movement and awareness, students easily move past the boundaries of the conditioned mind, returning to their natural state of clarity. From this focused and authentic inner space, true perspective is regained, and the benefits of yoga become side effects to the joy of practice.

The benefits: Increase strength and flexibilty, release stress, focus your mind, increase circulation, build digestive fire, reduce excess weight, optimize seratonin levels, regulate sleep, reduce the effects of gravity and aging, and much more!


Sun room


Earth room

Benefits are directly experienced during and after each class, as well as cumulatively over time, but what keeps students truly engaged are the holistic effects of increased self awareness, a deeper sense of clarity and meaning, a healthier mind/body connection, and an ability to be more grounded in the midst of the inevitable challenges in life.

At Prana, we engage with the wider community through our annual Yoga in the Park events, fundraisers, yoga outreach programs in schools and other organizations, and ongoing yoga enrichment programs for deeper education into classical yoga.

Our teaching community develops through our renowned 200 & 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training and Continuing Education programs, designed for committed students who are ready to take their practice to the next level.

Many of our students and teachers have been inspired by Yogi Vishvketu of World Yoga Family, who visits the studio every year. Watch for his retreats & workshops every year in June!

New to yoga? We have a variety of choices for getting started, from basic beginner classes, therapeutic classes, or active entry classes for fit individuals who enjoy a challenge. Feel free to set up a phone or on-site consultation to get started.

Ready to drop in? Join us! We look forward to this journey with you.


   What inspires you?

What deeply stirs your heart?

What really matters most?

What would you do if you were unafraid?

Let yoga reconnect you with your inner clarity and discover your true nature…

fearless, joyful & complete   ♥  ♥  ♥