yoga myths debunked

yoga myths debunked

no more excuses!


the myth: Yoga is for flexible people… I’m too tight.

the reality:  It’s normal to feel stiff and have tight muscles. That means yoga is perfect for you, and if you stick with it, you’ll limber up and feel more flexible!


the myth: Yoga is only for women

the reality: Yoga is equally beneficial for men as it is for women. Men especially love hot yoga to develop flexibility and concentration. More and more men are discovering the benefits of increased sports performance, reduced stress, reduced injury, and lower back comfort from their yoga practice… most men are surprised by how challenging and invigorating yoga is!


the myth: I won’t lose weight doing yoga

the reality: Because yoga is designed to deep-clean and detoxify the body from the inside out, all the organs function better and food cravings are curbed, blood-sugar swings are reduced, and hormonal balance is optimized. Deep breathing makes deep changes, and people are known to drop weight (and the old habits that make it stick) that no other exercise ever could. More importantly, yoga establishes a healthy, connected relationship with the body as is, which is the ground for lasting change.


the myth: I already work out, I don’t have time for yoga too.

the reality: While there are many  fantastic ways to exercise and workout, there is nothing like yoga to balance strength with flexibility, to support joints, cleanse internal organs, regulate hormones,  calm the mind, reduce stress, and create a more supple, healthy spine.


the myth: Yoga is too slow and boring.

the reality: Gentle yoga classes are meant to be introspective and relaxing, however, most yoga classes are challenging and invigorating, and can raise the heart rate, tone muscles and make you sweat. You’ll work muscles you never even knew you had! Even a relaxation based class can be engaging and profound, make sure you find a teacher you resonate with!


the myth: Yoga is too spiritual

the reality: Yoga is a science and a system of techniques leading to improved health. Yoga is not a religion, though it can enhance a sense of connectedness for anyone of any faith. Yoga is designed to help you to become more aware and connected to your body and to your breath, instead of being lost in constant thinking.


the myth: I can’t do yoga – I enjoy going out on the town with my friends

the reality: No worries, there are no per-requisites to change your diet and habits before starting yoga, though you may naturally begin to gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle once you start, while still enjoying some evenings out. Yoga can be a great support in letting go of old habits without battling them!