🖤 Welcome Yoga Central!

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    We are honored to be partnering with Yoga Central in combining our yoga communities. At the end of January they had to unexpectedly close their doors overnight, and we are blessed to be able to welcome them to Prana. We are honoring all active passes and memberships for Yoga Central with their current expiry. Passes must be transferred and activated by March 1st.


    🕉 We have also added 5 additional classes to our schedule with some of their amazing teachers!


    Sheila Shorten: Effective Saturday February 22nd | 3pm Warm Flow

    Melissa Perret: Effective Sunday February 23rd | 3pm Warm Vinyasa Flow

    Josh Schofield: Effective Monday February 24th | 9pm Warm Lunar Flow

    Jeanette Ward: Effective March 2nd
    – Monday 10:45am Hatha Beginner & 1:15pm Gentle Yoga
    – Tuesday’s 1:15pm Restorative Yoga


    🌷 Please be sure to reserve your spot on the live schedule as this is our busy season at Prana!