Holistic Yoga Immersion

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio


    Friday 5:30-9:00  Sat & Sun 8 am-5 pm

    Oct. 25-27, 2024


    Join us for weekend one of our 300 hour YTT program! This module is open to the public as well. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the full program? Start with this amazing module before deciding.


    Akhanda Yoga is the universal path of yoga preserved in its holistic form, as a science of self-realization and inner balance.  Akhanda means whole and indivisible, and refers to both our innermost nature, and the complete tradition of yoga. In the west yoga is often diluted to be made purely physical, ignoring the other four sheaths of consciousness in form, the Koshas. Instead of striving primarily for physical strength and balance, Akhanda yoga informs us how to absorb and contain vital life force energy in our physical and subtle bodies. This holistic style was founded by Himalayan Master and Teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu. Asana, pranayama, mantra, philosophy, meditation and joy are incorporated into each practice.


    What you can expect from this weekend:


    • Introduction to Akhanda Yoga and its five pillars
    • Kosha Yoga: the five sheaths: physical, pranic/energetic, mental, wisdom/oneness, & bliss layers
    • Asana – Practice, techniques, sequencing & philosophy
    • Pranayama – basic techniques review, advanced khapalabhati & alternate nostril breath preparing for retention
    • Mantras – the practice, the benefits & how to present
    • Meditation – the practice and the benefits
    • Yogic Wisdom – how the 8 limbed path applies to Akhanda Yoga
    • Plus, Purusha & Prakriti


    If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Akhanda Yoga, now is the time! If you’ve already done an Akhanda Yoga 200 hour YTT, this immersion will take you further into the amazing garden of learning that you tasted in your course!


    This training counts as 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Upgrades. It is also a core module for the Prana 300 Yoga Teacher Training.



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