Yin Yoga Training: Level 2

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Yin yoga is a practice of depth, intensity, nourishment and intuition. While exploring the body’s deep connective tissues, energetic pathways and organ functions, a profound meditative portal opens, providing space and new ways of being in the physical experience.


    with Amanda Whiting
    and guest teachers Katherine Frey.
    Level 2: October 27-29, 2023
    Friday 5:30 pm-8:30 pm / Sat & Sun 10:00 am-5:00 pm


    Prerequisite: A Level 1 yin training is required to take this course. Please note that it can be any previous yin training.
    In level 2 we will dive deeper into the specifics of yin for both subtle and physical aspects of the body.
    You will garner a deeper understanding of yin yoga and its immediate and long term benefits. We’ll explore:
    • Yin meditation – what is it and how is it different from traditional meditation practices
    • How meridian theory is correlated with yin and how to apply this to the practice
    • Sequencing a yin class
    • Incorporating the koshas into a yin class
    • Pranayama and its role in the practice of yin
    • Advanced techniques
    • Plus a general review of level 1 concepts


    At the end of this weekend, you will have a deeper understanding of yin and its benefits on the body, mind and spirit.
    Program Fees Include: program tuition, program manual, and certificate upon graduation of level 2. Please note there is a final assignment requirement prior to certification.
    This training counts as 25 hours of Yoga Alliance CEU’s & 25 elective module hours for the Prana 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.


    • Pricing $599 (two weekends)
    • Please contact us if you would just like to join the second weekend



    Recommended readings prior to attending the course:


    Testimonials for Yin Training:

    “I feel much more comfortable being able to lead a class with the knowledge gained from Level 2. There is so much more about yin than what you get from participating in a class and Level 2 really reveals a lot of layers that make me so excited to be able to plant seeds of knowledge.” ~ Anonymous



    “The teachers embody the qualities of yin. Their interplay of personalities and knowledge bring the qualities of yin and yang alive. This training left me with a deep understanding of yin yoga’s philosophy and physical and spiritual benefits. I feel confident in applying the information I learned when teaching a yin yoga class.” ~Jenn