Yin Yoga Training: Level 2

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Yin yoga is a practice of depth, intensity, nourishment and intuition. While exploring the body’s deep connective tissues, energetic pathways and organ functions, a profound meditative portal opens, providing space and new ways of being in the physical experience.


    with Mallorie (Prem) Buoy and Amanda Whiting
    Level 2: Oct. 25-27, 2019  Friday 5:30-9:30 / Sat & Sun 8-5:30


    Prerequisite: A Level 1 yin training is required to take this course. Please note that it can be any previous yin training.
    In level 2 we will dive deeper into the specifics of meridian theory and how the energetic and physical anatomy of the body relate. You will garner a deeper understanding of yin yoga and its immediate and long term benefits. We’ll explore the molecular components of emotion and how this relates to mindfulness and meditation. Key points for interior (subtle) and exterior (physical) alignment for varying body types will be examined.
    Mantra and pranayama will be explored as to the role they play in a yin practice, and how they can be used to deepen the yin experience. You will learn how yin is related to the yogic philosophy and lifestyle, and how to balance your constitution through yin practice.


    At the end of this weekend, you will have a deeper understanding of yin and its benefits on the body, mind and spirit.
    This training counts as 25 hours of Yoga Alliance CEU’s & 25 elective module hours for the Prana 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.


    Level 2 Training Fees : $425 early bird price before September 10th, 2019, $475 after



    All course materials & manual provided.
    Recommended readings prior to attending the course:
    Please know that it is not required that you read all 3 books. It is helpful to read at least one prior to the course.
    Program Fees Include: program tuition, program manual, and certificate upon graduation of level 2. Please note there is a final assignment requirement prior to certification.

    Pricing for both Level 1 & 2: Early bird pricing until September 10, 2019: $799  after September 10: $899


    Mallorie (Prem) Buoy

    Mallorie’s journey into a sacred lifestyle started on her yoga mat. What began as a pursuit of the physical soon transformed into an exploration of self. Over the past decade Mallorie has been unraveling the carefully crafted layers of her being through teaching, travel and yoga, finding her present purpose in bringing women together to form a community of artisanship, ceremony and inspiration.

    Mallorie’s own artistry shines through in her writing and design, as well as in her yoga teaching and practice. As founder of Gather Sacred, she has become a facilitator for women who embody the desire to follow their hearts as entrepreneurs, artists, risk-takers, thinkers and explorers of roads less travelled. Mallorie’s contagious energy and spark permeates through her work and will touch the heart of anyone who crosses her path.


    Amanda Madhu Whiting

    Amanda had been practicing yoga off and on since her early 20s, but after back surgery in 2009 restricted her range of motion, she found her way back to yoga full time. When she first started back, touching her toes seemed like an impossibility, but, like many discoveries through yoga, there is no such thing as an impossibility. Yoga is a daily part of Amanda’s life both on and off the mat. Amanda has come to realize that the asana (postures) of the practice only skim the surface of what is available to be learned. Forever a student, Amanda has a thirst to continue learning and is on a lifelong learning journey that encompasses body, mind and soul. Her passions include mindfulness, loving kindness meditations, yin yoga and healing the physical body.

    Amanda obtained her 200 & 300 hour trainings at Prana Yoga Studio under the delightful Yogi Vishvketu, and has certifications for both Prenatal (RPYT 85 hour) and Yin Yoga (115 hours). Amanda now has the pleasure of assisting the Prenatal Teacher Training through Om Mama Yoga. Teaching yoga has truly rejuvenated her and she loves being able to share all she has learned with the world.