🕉️ Our doors are closed but WE ARE OPEN for on-line classes! Our livestream classes yesterday were a huge success, thank you all for your LOVE and participation!


    Join us for two free classes tonight on Facebook live:


    * 5-6 pm FIRE & FLOW FLOW with Jaya
    * 8-9 pm BREATHWORK & MEDITATION with Jennilee



    – Visit our FB wall 5 minutes before the event start time
    – Lay out a mat and gather a blanket, throw pillow or any props you enjoy
    – If you have pets or small children at home, lay out a mat or blanket for them next to yours and make it clear your mat space is just for you 😉


    *PLEASE NOTE: yesterday’s classes were amazing and we are so touched by everyone’s support! Our mics were malfunctioning so it was hard to hear but we’ll have that solved by tonight! Also, possibly due to the internet connection, the picture went in and out of focus. The zoom platform should fix that issue. Thanks for you patience while we get up to speed. HOWEVER, the LOVE transmitted beautifully in both directions, thank you!!!


    We’ll be streaming on FB live today and switching to ZOOM for 3 LIVE classes tomorrow, so keep your memberships active and stay tuned! All memberships will be automatically discounted by 50% until our physical studio reopens. On-line membership enables you to enjoy virtual classes with your favorite Prana teachers from the comfort of your home, while providing essential support for our studio and teachers as we move through these changing times. ZOOM class links, class schedule and drop-in/membership info will all be available on our schedule page tomorrow!


    Thank you for your participation and support. Om!