FREE: Prana Yoga Wisdom Lounge: Discover your kind mind with the work of Byron Katie

    with Isabelle Addison | Thursday May 28th 6:30-7:30 pm


    FREE Digital Gathering for you our Yoga Community!


    Discover your Kind Mind with The Work of Byron Katie

    The Work of Byron Katie is a simple yet profound method of investigating painful thoughts. It introduces you to your own inner wisdom and shows you a way out of suffering. Anyone with an open mind can do this work. Join us for a brief introduction and experience of this practice of gnana yoga – the yoga of wisdom and direct insight.


    Followed by Q & A and community conversation.
    Includes a free pdf that will introduce you to The Work of Byron Katie (also known as the “Little Book”)



    Get cozy, grab a notebook & pen and join us for this virtual soiree!



    Followed by Q & A and community conversation.


    Come and join the love stream!


    How do I join the wisdom lounge?


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    3. We will email you the link prior to the meeting.

    4. Zoom on in and enjoy. We can’t wait to see you!