🕉 200 Extended Yoga Teacher Training

    We have 16 dedicated students joining us for our 200 hour YTT program beginning this Saturday and we have room for you too!
    🪷 Is teacher training right for you? We recommend all dedicated yoga students take teacher training, whether they plan to teach or not. It’s the best way to learn the power of alignment to keep your body safe and strong long term, and to dive into the deeper aspects of yoga. It’s a truly transformational and enriching program. Come and learn more about it! It’s the best way we have to open up the multifaceted path of classical yoga, while educating on cutting edge alignment and lifestyle practices to make yoga a sustainable and fulfilling life long journey.
    LAST CALL to join our renowned 200 Yoga Teacher Training program.
    2024 is a poignant time to dedicate yourself to the deeper aspects of yoga.
    Dive into the true roots of traditional, holistic yoga and its timeless application for the evolving world. These courses offer yoga practitioners of all traditions a unique opportunity for professional development and profound personal growth.


    🔸200 hour YTT: Have you ever wondered how much more yoga could change you if you really committed? Magnify everything you love about yoga by diving deep into this ancient, transformational practice in a vibrant & supportive group setting with expert teachers! Begins Jan. 13.


    🔹300 hour YTT: Returning in October 2024!


    🌱 This will be our 28th 200 hour YTT course in Edmonton. We hope you can join us!



    What our grads have to say:


    🖤 “I absolutely LOVED the 200 hour YTT program at Prana! I loved it so much, I would consider taking it again! I
    had a lot of fun and gained so much knowledge from Amanda, Soledad and Leala. I would recommend this
    course to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on yoga or who has a desire to teach.” – Jessie-Lynn


    🖤 “(During COVID19) The way that Prana has moved it’s yoga trainings into an online format has maintained the connection between teachers and students… and the teachings have retained all of their potency. It is an immersion that transmits knowledge and insight so that the most can be received and shared, just as in any training that would occur in person. The professional staff, incredible teachers and fascinating information make me forget I am taking a program online. Thank you for offering such nourishing trainings that continue to educate and inspire!”


    🖤 “Every teacher here at Prana left me in awe and wanting more! I knew I wanted what they had and I truly loved everything about this place! I secretly wanted to become a yoga teacher but I felt unsure of my capabilities so I decided to take this course to increase my knowledge of yoga and to deal with my intense fear of public speaking, even reading aloud in a group was beyond stressful! The teachers have provided such a safe space of learning and sharing that I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering this training to ‘Go For It’!! This training has so much to offer and it is such an amazingly sweet journey! ‘Life changing’!- and the best is still yet to come! I find it difficult to believe that all these incredible teachers can be in one place! Such amazing people so knowledgeable, loving and wise. I truly feel there are no words to thank everyone involved in this YTT!” – Kendra


    🖤 “Enrolling in the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Prana Yoga Studio was one of the best forms of self-love I have ever shown myself. I am currently in the Extended Program and every weekend that I spend with my teachers and fellow students feels like a safe little bubble in which I feel myself continually growing and expanding. The principal teachers are overflowing with their knowledge and love of yoga philosophy and asana, facilitating development in their students physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The course is extremely comprehensive, while allowing room for each student to focus in on aspects of the course that speak the most to him/her. The little yoga family that forms provides a level of support for one to just be him/herself to a degree I previously only thought possible with family and dearest friends. Whether you have the passion to teach or are just looking to deepen your practice, Prana’s YTT Program is the way to go, bar none; it will blow your heart and mind way, WAY open.”