Arm Balances & Inversions Workshop

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Sara Karuna
    Saturday Sept 28th | 1-3 pm


    Have you ever wondered how to safely build the foundations and learn the alignment for basic/intermediate arm balances and inversions such as Crow Pose (Bakasana) and Headstand (Sirsasana)?


    This workshop will be a playtime practice where we will challenge ourselves and explore a different perspective, all the while smiling, laughing, and encouraging each other in a safe, supportive environment. Arm balances and inversions build strength, improve balance and increase mental focus.


    Often in drop in classes there is not time to fully explain these poses, so whether you have never tried them or are just wanting to improve your understanding of these asanas then this workshop is for you. All levels are welcome.


    Flip your perspective!