Ayurveda Intensive Training

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Get Immersed in Ayurveda with expert Ian Hayward


    Ayurveda means “life knowledge” and it is the sister science to yoga. Yoga and Ayurveda complement each other, bringing light to optimal diet, constitutional balance, daily routines and yogic lifestyle to promote longevity. Come to this weekend intensive and gain a solid grounding in Ayurvedic principles and their practical application to support your good health and balance.  This intensive will provide you with all the information and insights you need to guide yourself and others in essential Ayurvedic wisdom.  You will also receive detailed handouts.


    Nov. 23-25, 2018
    Friday: 5:30-9:30pm
    Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm
    Sunday 8:30am-4pm


    You will learn how to :


    • Identify your Dosha (constitutional make up) on the physical, mental and emotional levels; find out what causes imbalance and how to restore harmony.
    • Swim with the flow of life by discovering the influence of the major life cycles as classified in Ayurveda upon your life span, your daily experience and the seasonal transitions.
    • Improve your digestion with the Ayurvedic approach to food for each Dosha. You will also learn the qualities and functions of the six tastes and the benefits of food combining.
    • Recognize the process of disease as identified by Ayurveda and how to reverse the process.
    • Cleanse your system in ways that are Dosha appropriate.
    • Feel young, fresh and vibrant by consuming Rasayanas – Superfoods, herbs and spices that are just right for your Dosha.



    This training counts as 25 hours of Yoga Alliance CEU’s & 25 elective module hours for the Prana 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.


    Cost: $395



    Ian Hayward is an expert Ayurvedic practitioner with many years experience.  In addition to his Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis practice, Ian is a passionate presenter, published author and educator who was widely publicized in the UK as he gained popularity with celebrities and members of the British royal family.  His workshops are designed to inform, inspire and empower you to gain deep and profound insights. Ian is the founder of Elemental Life Solutions.

    Note: This intensive counts towards elective hours for the 300 hour teacher training.