🌟 16th Annual Candlelight Solstice Celebration

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Isabelle Addison & Amanda Whiting

    Tuesday, December 21 7:30-9:30 pm


    Come enjoy an evening of meaning and connection as we move through the darkest part of the year by candlelight… sparking our inner flame through breath, movement & song. Winter solstice is a time for stillness and reflection. Let’s celebrate the sun’s rebirth into longer days as we move from darkness into light.


    7:30-8:45 pm ✨ FIRELIGHT YIN YOGA with Amanda & Musical Guest Tiffany Sparrow

    Note this class is only available in person.
    Bathed in the sweet sounds of live music, you will breathe deeply, fall into stillness, and allow tension to melt away. Through a sequence of gentle and meditative long-held yin poses, you’ll be nourished and nurtured into savasana.  





    7:30-8:45pm ✨ DEEP NURTURE FLOW & RESTORE with Isabelle Addison

    Note this class is available both in person and on livestream.
    The winter solstice is a time of seasonal alchemical change, as our hemisphere shifts from the quiet density of night to a slowly but steadily increasing flow of light. We will mirror this change in our all-levels practice, using gentle pranayama, fluid movement, and a little sound work to warm and awaken joints, tissues, and organs. Halfway through practice we’ll change gears, leveraging the warmth generated in delicious restorative postures that will cocoon you while the inner alchemy continues.




    9:00-9:30 pm ✨ SONG & CELEBRATION! Let your heartstrings play to the sound of Isabelle’s healing and inspiring voice. Feel free to sing along or simply let the songs wash through you. Both in person and livestream – In person spots very limited.



    $25 per participant for classes
    $15 per participant for song & celebration