Classical Kundalini Workshop

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Shambhavi Nicole Hughs
    Sat, Jan. 27, 2018  10:30 – 1pm


    Classical Kundalini Yoga focuses strongly on breath, mantra (chanting) and meditation providing a potent opportunity for students to deepen their practice and expand their awareness. Attention is primarily focused on the chakras (energy centers) as well as the kundalini energy that sits at the base of the spine. One’s aim is to ‘awaken’ or draw this kundalini energy upwards through the main energetic channel of the subtle body, to ultimately attain a state of oneness consciousness!


    During this workshop, Shambhavi Hughes will guide students through a full Classical Kundalini Yoga Class to help harmonize and balance all the layers of health and well-being. Students will be given time to discuss/learn about the topic of ‘Classical Kundalini Yoga’ as well as ask any questions they may have.

    All levels of students are welcome to attend this experiential workshop!


    Shambhavi Hughes has been heart-fully immersed in the practice and teachings of the yogic path since 2007. She is 500-hr trained in Akhanda Yoga, certified as a Yoga Lifestyle Coach and has completed various trainings in Ayurveda as well as her B.Ed. Her approach comes from a place of deep gratitude as she loves to sift through the yogic teachings to see what they have to offer people from all walks of life. Above all, Shambhavi’s passion for yoga lies in its ability to connect us back to a place of simplicity, playfulness and bliss—our true nature!



    Investment: $40 + gst