Classical Kundalini Yoga

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Isabelle Addison – YES! She’s back!

    Fridays 8-9:30 am | Fall 7 week sessions

    Sept 20th – Nov 1st | Nov 8th – Dec 20th


    Classical Kundalini Yoga harmonizes and recharges the energy body through the balanced application of breath (pranayama), sound (mantra), movement (dynamic asana) and meditation (dhyana). This practice can be experienced as enlivening, cleansing, profoundly opening, and at times beautifully challenging as you move through and beyond energetic blockages. The practice invites a deep release of subconscious patterns and holdings, clearing space for prana (vital life force) to flood your system.


    Early morning is the best time of day to practice kundalini yoga, so join us for this bright beginning every friday!


    This series is open to students of all levels. Whether you are new to or experienced with this powerful approach, as each dynamic asana can be modified for various levels.

    If possible, wear light coloured clothes made of natural fabrics that allow you to move freely.


    There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

    – Rumi


    7 week sessions: $109 + gst | 50% off for Gold & Prime members





    Isabelle (Sakshi) Addison is happy to delighted to share this class style from the lineage of her yoga teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu of Akhanda Yoga.