4-Week Myofascial Release & Self Massage Series

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Shelley Budinski

    Tuesdays, 6-7:30 pm

    September 24th – October 15th, 2024


    Take your myofascial massage practice to the next level with this four-week extended series! Unlike sports balls, the Yoga Tune Up ® Therapy balls were specifically designed for the human body. As such, they gently conform to the body’s contours allowing for a safe and accessible self-massage experience.


    Shelley’s step-by-step approach of the Roll Model® Method ensures that participants will learn a variety of myofascial release techniques that help to effectively reduce pain, improve mobility, and ultimately, live better in your body.


    Each week we will be targeting a different area of the body, allowing more time to explore various roll methods so you can discover what works best for you. You will learn key ball placements and complementary movements, both against the wall and on the floor which have a full range of holistic benefits. From less overall tension, to relaxed muscles, relief from headaches, and even better-quality sleeps, to name a few.


    Once you learn this system you will be able to tailor your massage practice to meet your own specific needs.Each class will be a well-rounded combination of ball rolling, gentle yoga moves, breath work, and longer held restorative poses.


    Participants can expect to leave each session having learned new techniques that can be incorporated into everyday living. Overall, this four-week series offers a focused and accessible way for individuals to prioritze their self-care and improve their overall well being.