ecstatic dance

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Anika Rain

    LAST OF THE SEASON: Join us Saturday May 11th 

    opening circle |  warmup beats |  ecstatic grooves |  closing circle |  goodnight!

    Dance yourself into the present through connecting to your body’s wisdom. This is a heart-centered practice of play, where intuitive, unconditioned body movement can release blocked emotions and stress by moving through pockets of physical tension. A mindfully cultivated dance playlist and light facilitation from Anika will guide you into a state of sensory-led self discovery and expression.


    🌹 New to ecstatic dance? Don’t worry! No experience with any kind of dance is needed.

    🌹 All ages are welcome.

    🌹 Come nourished but with a light stomach for freedom of movement.

    🌹 Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in before we start.

    🌹 Doors may lock at the start time depending on reception.


    $29  ~ Gold & Prime members receive 20% off, please email us to sign up or get the coupon code


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    May 11th: 6-8 pm


    Ecstatic Dance will return in September.


    “Ecstatic Dance was soo awesome!!
    I have been looking for a space to dance without inhibition and I found it in Anika’s class. She is such a free and expressive dancer herself and naturally puts people at ease and invites the same from others. Amazing, heart and soul stirring music with such incredible balance of rhythms, melodies and harmonies and dynamic range going from gentle and tender to explosive and fiery and passionate. I felt like I was manifesting my inner world outwardly.
    Best dance experience I have ever had!”

    -Kevin Parkinson