ecstatic dance & cacao ceremony

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Anika Rain

    Saturday, December 28th

    6 pm cacao ceremony | 6:30 entering the flowstate | 6:45 ecstatic grooves | 7:50 closing circle | 8pm goodnight!


    dance yourself into the present through connecting to the wisdom within your body

    enter your flow state as you discover the joy of unconditioned movement

    release blocked emotions, stress, and trauma by moving through pockets of tension in your body


    ❤️ Learn about the the heart-opening plant medicine Cacao and meditate on it’s healing qualities

    ❤️ Explore new inner pathways highlighted by the cacao to merge with your true nature

    ❤️ Nourish a profound level of intimacy with your body through unconditioned movement

    ❤️ Discover pockets of unseen resistance and release tension as you move through them, freeing your being into form

    ❤️ Dance yourself into the present and reconnect with your inner child as you explore vulnerable, joyful nonverbal expression


    🌹 New to ecstatic dance? Don’t worry! No experience with any kind of dance is needed.

    🌹 All ages are welcome to join on this journey of discovery, connection, and love!

    🌹 A full stomach will slow the integration of the cacao’s effects in your body, and may inhibit full freedom of movement during the dancing.

    🌹 Please come several minutes early to get settled and avoid disturbing the reflective space of the ceremony.



    $25  🌟 Save your spot by signing up now: