Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Andrew Misle & Kevin Gaudet


    Saturday November 20, 2021


    10:00 am – 12:30 pm & 2:30 – 5:00 pm
    (self led intermission between sessions)


    Seasoned teachers and guides Andrew Misle and Kevin Gaudet have collaborated to create an offering aimed at evolving our personal aptitude as practitioners and our collective strength as community members. Emergence is born of a recognition of the outer and inner upheaval recent months may have created. Rather than attempt to categorize these upheavals as positive/negative or right/wrong, the ceremony will center around our prerogative and responsibility to adapt, grow and ultimately emerge as further embodied, and stronger yoga practitioners and citizens. This practice will be presented as a mini-retreat, with a 2.5 hour practice in the morning and a 2.5 hour practice in the afternoon/evening, with time before, after and in between sessions encouraged to be an opportunity for self-led rest, recovery, introspection and integration. Suggestions for how to spend the self-guided parts of the day will be provided in advance.


    The day in its entirety can be considered both a practice and a ceremony, wherein you can expect a balance of fiery and uplifting, cooling and grounding, communal and individual. This will be accomplished through an artful selection and sequencing of postures, kriya and breathing techniques that Andrew is well known for. Meaningful connection will be fostered through discussion and intelligently directed lines of verbal inquiry, all in the service of sowing seeds of shared purpose and intention, a lynchpin of ceremony. Additionally, this psychological, energetic and ceremonial space will be carved out, enlivened and maintained by Kevin Gaudet and his assortment of gongs, drums and primal vocalizations. Further grounding, rest and integration will be gained by sound bath, guided relaxation, and meditative reflection.


    This is a practice designed for experienced practitioners, but is open to any experience level willing to show up with the dedication to see a ceremony through, knowing that the success of a ceremony hinges on the true investment of all participants.


    Full Day: $108 + tax


    Single Session Drop In: $65 + tax (contact to register, space permitting)