🍁 Fall SALE!

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    🍂🌻September is the time to set your trajectory for the year ahead, cultivating aligned intentions and healthy routines to keep you warm, calm & fit all winter long.


    Practicing yoga once per week is amazing, two times per week, twice as good… 3 or more times per week is magic, creating lasting transformation that inspires ongoing commitment. Did you know that yoga is shown to help reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep, regulate blood pressure, increase lung function, and provide lasting benefits to the body and mind?


    Reclaim your practice!


    *We rarely raise our prices, but with rising costs and smaller boutique class sizes, prices will be going up on Oct. 1st. Lock into a low priced membership now to save!


    UNLIMITED GOLD MEMBERSHIP SALE: $104/monthly ($119 on Oct. 1st)

    *includes IN-STUDIO CLASSES & LIVESTREAMS! Lock in to this low rate on-going! Minimum 6 month commitment.




    10 CLASS PASS SALE: $149 ($169 on Oct. 1) – one year expiry



    Sale ends Sept. 30