Feet First Yoga!

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Denise Currie

    Mondays 6-7 pm   |  5 Weeks: Nov. 12 to Dec. 10  $80+gst


    A small yoga tune-up ball (or similar) is recommended for this class, available at the studio.



    Nothing is more important than the health and resiliency of your feet. The feet are our foundation, affecting the chain of joints all the way up through the body, including the entire spine. If you want to enjoy any physical activity, from yoga practice to lifting your grandchild, from strolling down a sandy beach to climbing your next mountain, from playing summer baseball to dancing the night away, you know your feet can make or break that experience!!!

    This series will teach you simple tools and practices that will make your feet the happiest they have ever been.


    Each class includes:

    • Myofascial rolling to wake up and hydrate the muscles and fascia of the foot, ankle and calves for more range of motion
    • A sequence of strengthening yoga asana designed to recapture full function of the foot
    • Balancing asana to challenge the foot intrinsics and proprioceptors – in other words, we will make your feet faster and smarter
    • You will learn how to connect the foot to the core, improving your yoga practice, walking and running mechanics, and your pelvic floor integrity
    • Loads of useful tips you can take into other yoga classes or activities, to address your specific needs



    This class will incorporate targeted techniques while flowing like a sequenced yoga class, with Savasana at the end to integrate the benefits. This course is designed by Denise Yoga Co to put the spring back in your step, AND in your whole body!!