FREE: Prana Yoga Wisdom Lounge

    with Soledad Agosto & Krista Daneluz-Vieira | Thursday May 21st 6:30-7:30 pm


    FREE Digital Gathering for you our Yoga Community!


    Attuning to Your Body’s Wisdom


    Unlock your body’s patterning by exploring the subtle tendencies of how our activities in daily life impact our posture and the shapes we create in the physical yoga practice. Through practical exercises, unravel your body’s unique default to discover what tensions and freedoms exist in your body and how to create a shift into an intuitive alignment. We will explore posture and bio-tensegrity and use this awareness to hone and refine our physical evolution patterns for sustainability over time.
    Make sure you have some space to stand up and move a bit, grab a notebook & pen and join us for this virtual soiree!


    Followed by Q & A and community conversation.


    Come and join the love stream!


    How do I join the wisdom lounge?


    1. SIGN UP for free on our Virtual Schedule

    2. Create a ZOOM account if you haven’t already. Tutorial on our website.

    3. We will email you the link prior to the meeting.

    4. Zoom on in and enjoy. We can’t wait to see you!