HOT YOGA for Cyclists & Athletes:

    with Charlotte Funke

    Saturdays 3-4:15 pm Dec. 1-22, 2018 |  $59


    Yoga is more than just stretching, it is a vital training component for all athletes. Yoga practice helps correct muscle imbalances brought on by high volume training in endurance athletes, while helping to prevent injury, correct poor posture and increase range of motion. Through yoga, athletes develop lean efficient muscles and a powerful yet pliable body. Weight bearing strength and balancing poses increase bone density which is of critical importance for competitive cyclists. More importantly, yoga for athletes attunes the body and mind, allowing athletes to move mindfully into their body, their breath and into the consciousness of movement.




    Charlotte unites her passion for cycling and triathlon with the ancient teachings of yoga.  Adapting a range of yoga asanas to be practiced throughout the training season, and exploring a range of ancient yogic breathing techniques to maximise oxygen intake and to help calm and focus the mind during your race. Her teaching style combines various Hatha Yoga traditions (including the styles of Iyengar, Kundalini, Pattabi Jas Ashtanga, Viniyoga, and Restorative) with modern exercise science and alignment principles. Blending balance, strength, flexibility, and power into her yoga classes Charlotte teaches students of all fitness levels and body types to explore new thresholds of movement while listening to their bodies and to modifying poses as they see fit.