Journey To Essence | Yoga, Sound, and Deep Relaxation

Venue: 5611 199 street Edmonton AB

    with Andrew Misle
    and Musical guests “The Ananda Tribe”


    September 4th


    As integral aspects of the Divine, we are designed to live in peace, joy, and harmony. But we are distracted from our essential nature by primordial needs for comfort and familiarity, we are constantly dealing with the paralyzing fears of the unknown, dis-ease develops and we  become co-creators our limitation, and suffering.  It is through life’s divine chaos that we find the path to transcendence and we enter that path through the avenue of letting go…let go, let go, let go is the Journey to Essence.


    Join Andrew Misle for a dynamic SATTVA  Yoga practice followed by deep relaxation techniques for prompting supreme states of stillness, calm, and rest by systematically unwind tension, anxiety and stress to bring full presence of the essence that radiates from an authentically relaxed body and mind


    This Journey to Essence will be scored by the beautiful sounds of DJ. Woogie and Sebastien “The Fountain” Bolessa of the Ananda Tribe and Sunday Sessions.