Your Body is a Wonderland: Intro to Katonah Yoga®

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Your Body is a Wonderland: An Introduction to Katonah Yoga® Theory and Practice

    Friday Dec. 2nd | 6-8:30 pm

    with Isabelle Addison & Sheena Andrea


    Join Isabelle Addison and Sheena Andrea for a 2.5 hour ride into and with the magical vehicle of your body. Through asana, pranayama, discussion, and guided yoga nidra we will explore the fits, folds, and functions of your form, informing and reforming it as we leverage the brilliance of Katonah® Yoga’s technique, perspective, language and metaphor.

    You will leave with a sense of awe as familiar shapes in the yogic canon open to reveal nuance, insight and the perfection of measure. You will also leave with tools and information you can use for the rest of your life, that will not only support your yoga practice, but how you sit, stand, and move through life, with ease and joy.


    Katonah Yoga is an extraordinary approach to and method of yoga practice. Developed over the course of 45 years by Egyptian-American Nevine Michaan, it is a syncretic Hatha practice that draws a number of sources, including the Iyengar tradition, Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Taoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sacred Geometry, and a healthy dose of Nevine’s unique mystical pragmatism and skillful use of metaphor. Its principles of referencing the archetype of each pose, leveraging the skill of measurement using vision and the feedback of props, focusing on joint health and longevity rather than purely muscular strength, discovering the multi-dimensional fits and folds of the human body, and the pivotal use of the imagination to feed, fuel, and fill out every asana shape in revolutionary ways confound, delight, inspire, and provoke insight. It’s challenging, illuminating, and sometimes mystifying. It treats yoga as an alchemical practice – more magical than medical – that seeks to make the unconscious conscious and reveal what’s been hiding in plain sight to result in a well-rounded, resilient and responsible human being.






    A yoga teacher since 2010, Isabelle is a 500hr E-RYT with a foundation in Akhanda (holistic) Yoga. She first connected with Katonah Yoga® in 2015, but did not immerse in the practice until 2020 when the pandemic made studying with teachers in New York and elsewhere immediate and accessible. Since that time Katonah Yoga has infiltrated both her practice and teaching as well as her life – something that happens naturally when universal principles such as those informing Katonah Yoga are discovered and articulated. She completed her certification in 2021.



    Sheena encountered Katonah Yoga® in 2015 and completed a 200hr training in this revelatory approach the following year. She loves this practice and believes it to be the best bang for your buck when it comes to active asana. Her passion however is Yoga Nidra. She has been developing her depth and skills in this transformational technique as well as guiding others for years, and leads trainings in the approach at Prana Yoga Studio as well as online through her own platform. Combining the language and theory of Katonah Yoga with the depth of access Yoga Nidra provides is a magical combination she is delighted to offer.