Kundalini Womans Circle: Romancing the Inner Goddess??

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Sheena Mason
    Friday, April 19th | 7-9pm


    Kundalini practices for radiant health, vitality and beauty. Breathe, move and dance to harmonize the cellular rhythms of the waking goddess within as space is created and offerings placed at her feet to adorn her next journeys steps. The many cycles of the goddess are constantly birthing us through; from the unknown, to the spark of light, manifestation, embodiment, surrender and release. We come together to honor each phase of this cycle and celebrate the many embodiments the feminine.


    Kundalini Yoga is used to increase blood flow, balance the endocrine system and allow radiant flow to return to the chakras as it can assist in clearing out what is stagnant in the energy body. This practice will feature kriya (movement) and meditations specific to the celebration of the female body supporting qualities of the feminine such as expansiveness, abundance, vitality, sensuality and tenderness.


    We will then connect through ceremony using fire and flowers with the intent to align with loving clarity as we leave. Come prepared to be witnessed and supported. To move and to flow. Please wear anything that makes you feel beautiful but is easy to move in. Please bring a journal and small alter piece such as a stone or totem that will be energized in the offering. (and which you take home after)



    Cost is $45 +gst