Meditation Teacher Training

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    A Contemplative Exploration of Being  | 25 hour certification course
    June 17-19, 2022
    with Jennilee Barazzuol
    Friday 5:30-9pm | Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm


    Sacred silence. Meditation has been practiced throughout the ages by people from various religious, spiritual and philosophical backgrounds for thousands of years. This ancient practice allows us to connect deeply to the quiet stillness of Truth within each of us. Meditation opens us up to intimately commune with our own Being and the wisdom within. This beautiful and rich exploration enables us to nurture and share this sacred space with others.


    In this 25hr training course, we will focus on the philosophical and spiritual practice of meditation as well as touching on the scientifically proven benefits. You will learn how to create and hold space for students to safely explore within. Weaving tradition and techniques together, you will have the ability to begin guiding others while moving even deeper into your own practice. Consciously exploring the vast inner landscapes of our Beings, we will be able to intimately connect with the mystical and mysterious practice of meditation.


    We will be exploring and expanding on the following areas throughout the course:
    • history
    • philosophy
    • scientifically-proven benefits
    • cleansing and clearing spaces
    • breathing patterns
    • chakra system
    • mantras
    • mudras
    • guiding practices
    • integration


    Students will have the opportunity to surrender and trust in their own inner teachers as we move through the experiences of facilitation, art of guiding and class development. Participation during class time as well as the completion of assignments outside of class time will be required for those who wish to be Certified 25hr Meditation Teachers.
    This invitation is for those who feel called to deepen their practice and share their love of silence with others. All are welcome to participate in this course, however, prior experience and a consistent meditation practice is recommended.


    Investment: $395 +gst


    Jennilee began her own healing journey over 16 years ago and has since then dedicated her life to deepening her own practice and holding space for others to do the same. Jennilee is now a trained breathwork facilitator, energy healer, yoga and meditation teacher. She is continuously studying new techniques and modalities to expand her offerings to clients and the community. And although studying with various teachers and masters around the world, she contributes her most valuable lessons to those from her children.