Meditation Basics

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Tania Vazquez
    Wednesdays 7:30-8:45 pm *Drop-in options*
    Next session: February 21st – March 27th, 2024 | 6 week session


    Set a foundation for your well-being by exploring a meditation practice. Whether you are new to meditation or already have a skill set, you will find this class practical and effective. Tania will guide you through 75 minutes of technique and practice with guidance and breaks, as well as give you space to reflect and dive into the inner landscape of yourself. Meditation helps to enhance your focus, self-awareness and manage stress and anxiety. It can even help improve your sleep and lower blood pressure.
    Meditation can be an extraordinary routine to add into your life and we hope you can experience this practice in person, with us!


    6 week session | $109
    or drop in $23 (if space permits)
    Gold & Prime members receive 50% off the full session or drop in




    What participants have to say:


    “Even though I struggled with my mind wandering each time, I still found huge benefit in how my awareness day to day has really increased since starting this series. The final class was the most amazing experience for me. I was in a deep meditative state where I felt very light as if I was floating and had this sweet taste in the back of my throat. It was kind of similar, but also very different to the state I occasionally get into with Yoga Nidra. I’ve been researching it ever since this was such a new, different, and exciting experience for me, and I cannot wait to continue to explore meditation further. I really appreciate Tania’s genuineness and how she encourages people in their experience to do what is natural, including tears. I also really appreciate the reminders throughout class to come back to the breath when the mind wanders.”  – Paula Y


    “Meditation Basics is a great course for yogis at any stage of their journey. Not only do you learn or refresh a wealth of knowledge in an incredible space without distraction, you are getting one of the absolute best guided meditation experiences available. Tania is a superb yoga instructor, with deep knowledge, excellent pacing and a voice that will take you to the most peaceful states of consciousness.”  – Wesley


    “I am so grateful for Tania’s yoga and meditation classes because they are easy to motivate myself to do – they make me feel stronger and lighter at the same time. Her cues are simple to follow and the sequences are always unique, thoughtful and challenging, with so much warmth and humor thrown in. You can feel the love radiating through each posture.

    Learning from Tania is a beautiful, grounding and nurturing experience. Tania is exactly the teacher I needed to guide me gently into this new chapter of being. She is full of light, compassion and kindness and it is a pleasure to learn from her. 

    After years of wondering whether I should take up Meditation, I am so grateful to have finally invested in myself. If you are feeling called to learn, I absolutely recommend learning with Tania!!

    Thank you!” – Anamika