NEW! Sunrise Yoga Integration Challenge

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    ✨ Special Announcement! ✨


    Wow, during these last weeks we have enjoyed daily sunrise yoga with a group of sixty people doing our Spring Sunrise Yoga Challenge! They have committed fully, developed healthy new routines, and built life-changing momentum for their daily morning yoga practice…
    A teacher of mine always said: “Go THROUGH the finish line, not TO the finish line.”


    We have been enjoying the challenge so much, and loving the group commitment, so we’ve dreamed up a NEW way to stay inspired and maximize our momentum when the challenge ends. For the first time we are offering this follow up program to the SYC:




    May 18-June 30


    Enjoy 6 weeks of sunrise yoga classes Monday-Friday, plus any weekend drop-in classes. Attend 30 classes in 45 days to complete the challenge (minimum 4 sunrise classes weekly).
    Upon completion you will be gifted a silk eye pillow and entered into a draw to win a SUMMER UNLIMITED YOGA PASS!
    But better yet… think of how amazingly strong, flexible, focused and calm you will feel by the end. Then there’s no turning back… yoga becomes a lifelong resource for you.
    Current memberships can be put on hold during the challenge.


    $159 +gst

    *or FREE MONTH plus $59 for anyone who earned their free month of yoga by successfully completing all challenge parameters