New Years Day: 108 Sun Salutation Workshop

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    NEW YEARS DAY  Wednesday Jan. 1, 2020  | 9 am-12 pm


    Ring in the new year with Kevin Gaudet by moving through 108 sun salutations! UPDATES: Kevin will be bringing both a drum and his gongs to set the rhythm of breath and to aid in deep relaxation at the end!

    Start 2020 with setting the goal of challenging and invigorating your mind and body.


    Sun salutations help to strengthen the body, increase flexibility and harmonize flow through the seven main chakras, or energy centers.


    108 is an ancient, sacred number used in Japa Meditation. This number combined with sun salutations invites strong intention to move through new thresholds, physically, mentally and emotionally.


    This class will be challenging but gentler options will be available, and students are encouraged to modify poses and rest when needed. A deep lunar relaxation with pranayama, meditation and savasana will be offered at the end of the practice to harmonize your system.


    Join us in the Earth room (room temp studio), bring your mat, water bottle and a smile and we will welcome 2020 with open arms!