Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    With Jeanette Ward and guest teacher Colleen Dibden


    Unwind stuck patterning with a deep nervous system reset in this restorative weekend.


    Restorative Yoga rejuvenates vital life force energy (prana) by deeply calming the nervous system and quieting the mind, reconnecting us to our essential vitality. Supportive props are utilized in long comfortably held postures, deeply soothing the central nervous system while creating subtle openings and releases in the physical body. This effective practice easily helps the body to reset and tap into its own innate healing abilities. This is the “art of relaxation” where doing less is truly more… more clarity, energy and balance!


    In this 25 hour Restorative Yoga Training, you will learn through first-hand experience the healing benefits of the restorative practice. We’ll explore the “what, why and how” for the application of restorative yoga as a method of regulating the nervous system.


    You’ll learn:

    • The autonomic nervous system: Fight, Flight & Freeze vs. Rest & Restore
    • Decoding the stress response including the “window of tolerance” and how it pertains to restorative yoga
    • Understanding common Chronic Health conditions and the role restorative yoga can play
    • In-depth exploration of poses, their purpose and how to set up the pose with ample props
    • How to design, cue and adapt postures for individual needs including precautions and contraindications
    • Pranayama techniques that deepen the restorative yoga experience
    • Mindfulness and meditation within the postures


    Manual is included.


    Please note: There is a final assignment requirement prior to certification which is practicing Restorative postures for 20 minutes per day for 15 days. No extra fees.


    This training fulfills 25 CEUs and is an elective for the Prana Yoga Studio 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.


    November 1-3rd, 2024

    Friday 5:30-9:00pm | Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm


    Investment: $459 + GST




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    “The restorative training with Jeanette and Colleen was one of the best training I have ever taken. The weekend was so blissful and educational, with both teachers emitting such a caring and attentive energy to all participants. They were able to create such a safe environment for everyone to share and learn. I would highly recommend this training to anyone interested in learning more about restorative yoga. ” ~ Ali


    “Colleen and Jeanette offer a memorable and nourishing weekend intensive. The class is organized and well structured, the material is detailed and comprehensive, and the instructors are attentive and prepared. Colleen and Jeannette include scientific evidence which helped me understand and activate my body’s natural healing response. I’ve incorporated the lessons learned into my personal and professional practice. If you have trouble calming your mind/body, or if you simply seek to deepen your practice, please do yourself a favour and take this restorative training.” ~ Jordan


    “The Restorative Training was fabulous! Jeanette and Colleen provided a gentle, nurturing space to practice and learn how to teach Restorative Yoga. Their manual was easy to follow and very informative. They were able to answer all of my questions and guide me through the process… The practices were so renewing and rejuvenating… They provided many resources as well. I fell in LOVE with Restorative Yoga and had some profound healing experiences… I would highly recommend this phenomenal training.” ~ Dawn


    Jeanette Ward

    Jeanette’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching yoga is a delight to be a part of. She first experienced the numerous positive benefits of practicing yoga in the mid 90’s. and started teaching in 2002. With a background in Group Fitness (since 1988), Jeanette has discovered that bringing unity and balance to the mind, body and spirit, is just as important as keeping the physical body in shape.

    Over the years, Jeanette’s yoga journey has shifted to one of deep inner healing. Her mat has been, and continues to be a safe haven for tapping into suppressed emotion. Insights, healing, and a profound inner peace have surfaced through her explorations on the mat.
    During an extended yoga teacher training in India (2009), Jeanette’s knowledge and understanding of yoga was deepened and enriched by her teacher, Yogi Vishvketu. She considers it one of the most transformational experiences of her life, and is deeply grateful for the profound healing received.
    The Sanskrit word for contentment is ‘Santosha.’ Given this name by Yogi Vishvketu, through the practice of yoga, Jeanette continues to search, and at times, find contentment in her own life. It is an ongoing journey. Always a student herself, other teachers Jeanette has studied with are: Donna Farhi, TKV Desikachar, Mark Whitwell, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Rameen Peyrow, and David McAmmond.

    Jeanette’s awareness of the energetic aspect of the human body has been enhanced through the practice of yoga. She has taken numerous courses in energetic anatomy, is a Reiki Practitioner and has experienced first hand, the power of hands on healing. In 2014, Jeanette discovered Rosen Method Bodywork. She had been looking for something to offer in conjunction with teaching yoga. After several months of receiving her own personal sessions, she decided to become a practitioner. Jeanette continues to shift, transform and grow through her yoga practice and Rosen Method Bodywork. Jeanette is certified through the Yoga Association of Alberta (YAA) and Yoga Alliance, 500HR.


    Colleen Dibden

    Colleen is a 500 HR Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher. She is also certified with the Yoga Association of Alberta at the 300 HR level. Yoga teaches us that “nothing in life is permanent” and that within every new moment there is potential for growth and change. With over thirty years experience working in Mental Health as a Registered Social Worker, Colleen is passionate about change. She brings this enthusiasm, along with compassion and sensitivity, to her work as a Yoga Teacher. With gentle guidance and encouragement, she leads students to a deeper understanding of themselves and their capacity for healing and change from within. She loves the inclusivity of yoga and believes that yoga is for everyone and every “body”. Colleen has a special interest in therapeutic yoga, Chair Yoga and working with people with physical and mental limitations. She also offers private sessions. She has received many gifts from her yoga teachers over the years and is humbled and honoured to share these benefits with others. Come and heal your mind and body by learning how to breathe and move with awareness.