Savor: the Yoga Nectar of Presence

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Kevin Gaudet

    Saturday, February 27th 2021  |  6-8 pm | Online


    Every moment can be a treasure trove of insight if we make a practice of noticing and observing the minutiae that comprise our broader reality. This special class will be an exercise in just that. Slow, methodical and contemplative movement will attune you to the endless layers of sensation that a posture can produce, as well as their energetic and mental counterparts. The postures, some strong, some restorative and some experimental, will be encouraged to be seen and felt with novel perception, all in the service of bringing us back to the present again and again and again.


    The same penetrating awareness will then be applied to all the details of the breath with simple pranayama techniques, all to leave you serenely aware of the boundless productions of the mental landscape, which will be experienced through guided relaxation, and meditation. Simplicity and attentiveness are the guiding principles of this class; a small investment of this simple attentiveness may be seen to produce a significant profit of insight and ease.


    $45 + GST