Soulshaping: Where Yoga Meets Writing

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Transformational writing | yoga | breathwork  💎

    Saturday October 28th | 3:30-6:30 pm

    There is within us an imaginative intelligence gifted with the connective wisdom to govern the shape of your souls path.


    In this three hour experience you can give your heart the quiet space and creative freedom it requires to lower the drawbridge and extend to and retrieve from the most fertile and distal places within you. In listening to the heart through this focused lens we can further the sculpting of our lives into the shape of our soul feeling more alive.


    Begin with simple heart centered asana (physical postures) and breath work intended to soften and relax mental and physical restrictions to lean back into the body’s wisdom and free space for conscious embodiment.


    From this grounded space I will then guide you through a potent and playful writing technique that will lift veils of outer influences to gift you a richly poetic and insightful letter direct from the heart. This letter is a map rich with directions to take home with you and let guide your footsteps to a soulful life.

    Let us soulshape together!


    $60 +gst