Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Kevin Gaudet

    Saturday, September 26th 2020  |  6-8 pm | In Studio


    What can bring us to places of insight with respect to the big questions in this human experience? What role does sound and vibration play in the inner workings of the universe?


    There is a core sound and vibration that exists — at the core of your body and mind, at the core of all objects, and at the core of mother nature. Yogis have traditionally called this pervasive sound ‘OM’ and it’s subtle potency can act as an effective tool for meditation, concentration and transcendence. In this offering, Kevin will invite you to explore how this relates to you and your yoga practice. Brief discussion, and a short posture and breathing practice will lead into an extended sound bath experience that will open up the possibility of a clearer personal relationship to the core vibration of OM. The sound bath will mainly feature Kevin’s three Feng gongs, as well as a few other compelling percussive tools. All levels of practice and experience are welcome and encouraged.


    $40 per person, pre-registered only.