Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Kevin Gaudet

    Saturday, September 9, 2023 |  6-8:30 pm

    Mindful Slow Flow Yoga | Breathwork | Guided Relaxation | Sound Bath


    Every moment can be a treasure trove of insight if we make a practice of noticing and observing all the minutiae that comprise our reality, from sensations and sense data, to thoughts and emotions. This special class will be an extended invitation to do just that. To begin, slow, contemplative movement will attune you to the endless layers of sensation, with ongoing encouragement to experience them without any overlay of preconceived notions.


    That same methodology will then be applied to the breath with a selection of accessible pranayama techniques, all to leave each practitioner serenely aware of the boundless productions of the mental landscape. This will be even more deeply explored via guided relaxation and an extended sound bath, an experience wherein worded instruction is replaced by sounds and vibrations unlike anything words could express, perhaps to reveal the endless sea of potential and changeability that our analytical and rational ways of viewing reality often obscures.


    $49 per person, pre-registered only.