Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Rejuvenating Slow Flow Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Vibrational Sound Healing & Gong Bath


    with Kevin Gaudet


    Saturday, April 4th 2020  |  6-9 pm


    When we hear words like “going in deep”, “going beyond’, “transcending”, or “profound introspection”, what experiences come to mind? Which practices that you’ve been exposed to come to mind? How can we connect to those depths and states again, if we can? This will be the heart of the unspoken conversation we have in this workshop.


    We’ll explore becoming more attentive and comfortable with the physical body, through a rejuvenating slow flow yoga practice. We’ll loosen the deeper kinks of the energetic body with an extended pranayama practice. We’ll forge a connection to a subtler, perennially balanced level of mind through a yoga nidra practice. we’ll uncover that perennial balance by accessing timeless fields of the brain through the ancient instruments of gongs. Consider that this gong bath will serve as a teacher whose heritage and studentship extends back to at least 3500 BCE. How do we relate to these ancient realities within us? What might these sounds and vibrations awaken? What perceived limits of access might be softened away? Come discover through your own direct experience!


    $45 per person