Intro to Sound Healing: Weekend Training

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    May 3 – 5, 2024

    with Tiffany Sparrow & Kevin Gaudet


    The vibration of sound is powerful medicine. Quantum physics and ancient wisdom agree that the universe was born through sound. And since we are all made of energy, sound vibration can harmonize our chakras and release old patterns of holdings in our cells and tissues. Sound is a potent addition to any wellness practice.


    If you’ve ever wanted to use sound more effectively as a tool for wellness in your life and your offerings this is for you! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, a holistic healer, a dabbling musician or simply curious about the therapeutic benefits of sound, this immersion offers a supportive environment for you to awaken your connection to the healing power of sound and integrate it into your personal and professional practices.


    Explore the ancient connection between sound and wellness and discover its potential to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Delve into the principles and practices of vibrational medicine, and learn how sound can resonate with and expand your existing practices.


    Through a blend of experiential learning, tutorials, group discussion and guided practice, you will gain a comprehensive foundation for understanding sound as a healing tool and its application within yoga, meditation and other wellness modalities.


    What you’ll learn and experience:


    • Principles, Benefits and Myths of Sound for healing.
    • Vibroacoustic Sound Instruments 101:  Intro to singing bowls, hand drums, tingsha & shruti box. Including practice time, purchase tips and troubleshooting playing. (Finally get sound from your singing bowl and learn what to do with tingshas)
    • Vocal liberation and accessing your voice as a sound healing tool
    • Ethics of sound healing
    • How to create a rocking self healing practice with sound
    • Sound as a focal point for meditation and practice creating a meditation
    • Intro to Mantra and the Yoga of Sound
    • Deepen your embodied listening
    • Tips, ideas and Q n A for incorporating sound into your practice
    • Experiential sound journeys led by your facilitators. (soundscapes, guided sound meditation, kirtan and chanting, sound ecology, drum journey, chakra sound healing etc.)


    May 3rd – 5th, 2024

    Friday 5:30 pm – 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am – 6pm


    No prior music or sound experience necessary though it is welcome! No instruments are required to attend this training, you are welcome to bring what you have but it is not necessary to bring anything. Please note: this training is a wonderful immersion into the healing vibrations of sound and how to incorporate it into your wellness practice, however to become a certified sound healer more extensive training is needed.


    Please note there is homework required to complete this training including practice time, listening, and submission of a reflective write – up. All participants receive a certificate of completion for this introductory course.


    $459 + gst





    Musician and Sacred Sound Mentor.

    Tiffany first discovered the healing power of sound through her own journey recovering from eating disorders as a teen. Singing, sound and yoga were more effective in getting to the heart of her wounds than talk therapy.

    She now mentors others to free their natural voice, find home in their own skin, and learn to use the power of embodied sound to transform their lives and the lives of others. Tiffany is the creator of Vocal Liberation – a sacred container to activate your embodied voice and easy, unapologetic expression.  She is also the founder of the Sparrow School of Sound Alchemy and guides others to become Sound Facilitators and to powerfully lead sound healing sessions for groups.

    As for official cred, Tiffany is a certified music counselling therapist (MTA, RCT), sound therapist, ethnomusicologist (MA) and yoga teacher (RYT). She’s studied with many pioneers in sound healing including Jonathan Goldman, Chloe Goodchild and John Stuart Reid as well as spiritual teachers include Sri Sakthi Amma, Shakti Durga and Yogrishi Vishveketu.

    Tiffany is a performing artist and recording artist with albums that include mantras, medicine songs, and original singer-songwriter tunes (available on Spotify and apple music). She’s toured and performed with sacred musicians like Dave Stringer, Jai Uttal, Shimshai and Karnamrita Dasi.

    Tiffany is honoured to serve others in this journey of remembering who we really are.  Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu


    For Kevin, music, sound & yoga are an alchemy of expansion.  

    Yoga provides the method, training ground and reality for fully and consciously moving through the world, for encountering all of life’s twists and turns with grace, intelligence, and respect. Music, drumming and the vibrations of the gong elevate that to the next level.

    The mirror of practice is one that will consistently provide the practitioner with a high fidelity reflection of themselves, strengths and weaknesses alike. To be living within the opportunity to develop precision and discrimination as this reflection is observed is an opportunity Kevin intends to make the most of. This opportunity is one that Kevin feels all should have equal potential to put to practice, and is at the root of what drives him to share this inspiration with all who seek.