The Awakened Heart

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Suzan Erritzoe

    Saturday, February 9th  |  7-9:30 pm


    February is LOVE month! Whether you are single or with a friend or partner, we welcome you to a “heart opening workshop”, that guides you into true enjoyment of your deeper nature as pure goodness, meaning, and Love.


    In the workshop you will be gently guided into the realm of your heart, to reconnect with who you are, beyond your conditioned mind and limiting beliefs – to rediscover and tune into the much finer levels of You, that are always available for you to tap into. It is a return to what you so naturally were in, when you were a small child, innocently open, and “happy without a reason.”


    Relaxing, gentle body movement, and open heart sharing


    In a safe and relaxed setting, we will gently awaken the much finer levels of the body through light movements and inner awareness exercises, opening up a deeper heart space, from where we can meet and share – both verbally and non-verbally. “To See” and “Be Seen” from the open heart, is deeply nourishing and utterly good. It shows us a natural and simple way of being in our selves, and with each other, beyond any strenuous persona performing.


    At the end of the workshop, there will be room for questions and answers, as we explore how we can bring what we are in our hearts, into our relations and all of our lives.


    The workshop will include a short tea break.





    About the Facilitator:


    Suzan Erritzoe is an experienced Danish Psychotherapist, and Workshop Facilitator, and the founder of “Being One” Counselling. She has more than 20 years of training and experience in guiding clients into a way of being that initiates an awakening in the heart, bringing us back to what we first truly are, and love.


    Visit the website and read more about Suzan and Being One.


    “Suzan has a true gift of attuning to, and responding uniquely, to each participant. Her presence opens up a field of awareness that is tangible, and made it easy for me to connect with my deeper resources. I left the workshop feeling in touch with my authentic self. It was always there—just needed some uncovering.”

    – Amy, Workshop Participant.