Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Friday 5:30-9:00 / Sat & Sun 8am-5pm


    What is yoga for energetic balance how can it help me heal? What is the subtle body and how does yoga affect it?

    Come explore the intricate connection between chakras, nadis, sound and yogic philosophy and how these timeless teachings can promote balance and healing. Realize and reconnect with your true nature which is joyful, expansive and fearless.

    We will also work with mantra, learning more about the history of mantra, and how sounds affect our bodies at a vibrational level.


    What you can expect from this module:


    • The Yoga of the energy body: chakras, mantras & pranayama
    • A deeper understanding of mantra, the history of mantra, and the purpose behind it
    • An exploration of Sanskrit and how it works on the chakra system
    • Knowledge & practice of yogic cleansing techniques for clarity and longevity
    • Learn multiple mantras and how to lead them
    • Gain significant insight into each of the 7 chakras
    • Learn how nadis, chakras and mantra all work together


    This training counts as 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Upgrades. It is also a core module for the Prana 300 Yoga Teacher Training.

    Cost: $395+gst