Transformational Breathwork & Sound Healing

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Jennilee Barrazuol & Kevin Gaudet
    Friday March 6th | 6:30-9:00 pm


    Through conscious, connected breathwork and the healing vibration of the gong, you will be safely guided to explore the mysteries and depth of your life force energy. By increasing the oxygenation in your physical body to promote a purified state, we are able to open and access altered states of consciousness. Connecting beyond the mind, you open into a portal of direct knowledge and experience of your vast potential. This creates clarity and alignment of body, mind and spirit. Anchored through the facilitation of Jennilee Barrazuol and the healing sounds of the gong played by Kevin Gaudet, we invite you into a mystical remembering of what lies within, and in the vast beyond.





    Jennilee began her own healing journey over 16 years ago and has since then dedicated her life to deepening her own practice and holding space for others to do the same. Jennilee is now a trained breathwork facilitator, energy healer, yoga and meditation teacher. She is continuously studying new techniques and modalities to expand her offerings to clients and the community. And although studying with various teachers and masters around the world, she contributes her most valuable lessons to those from her children.

    Kevin has been working with drums and percussion for 20 years, and practicing yoga for 12 years. Through the use of gongs and soundbaths, he is delighted to have found a way to marry those two worlds together. He immensely enjoys creating soundscapes for yoga practices and workshops, and is excited to merge sound, vibration, breath and meditative space in this workshop.