Tween Yoga ages 10-14

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Session dates: Sept 18th – Dec 11th, 2023


    These are not your typical yoga classes! Children and tweens learn to stretch, breathe, and relax in a playful way, creating a lifelong foundation for well being.


    Other benefits include building strong, limber, and healthy bodies, improving social interaction, and developing focus, concentration, and attention span.


    Children and tweens will learn invaluable skills to help them face the challenges of growing up, and to develop physical and emotional strength. They will cultivate self esteem and self acceptance through a non-competitive activity, and most importantly, they will have fitness fun.


    This class combines traditional hatha yoga postures and pranayama (breath control) with educational themes to engage the “Whole Child” through learning. Your child’s class will include yoga, games, meditation and relaxation.


    Take a class while your child practices! 4:30pm Hot Flow with Josh Schofield runs concurrently.


    Tween 12 week session | $219 + tax Pre-registered only
    Drop In (if space allows) $22