Yin & Nidra

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Amanda Whiting

    Saturday, March 14th | 3:30-6 pm


    “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” ~ Rumi


    Dive deep into the heart with a soft yin practice focussed on opening into possibility, followed by the practice of yoga nidra. Together, the two practices will leave you more in tune with your body, mind and soul, and with a deep awareness of your importance in your own life.


    Yin yoga is a practice of stillness of the body, where we use long holds to tap into meridian lines. Yin allows us to explore what arises within, and through mindfulness, to observe what moves without judgement. Yoga nidra is the practice of deep yogic sleep – where the body is physically relaxed and the mind remains in a state of conscious awareness. Yoga nidra opens us to the ability to shift deeply rooted patterns and to allow the body to heal from within.


    Throughout, we will be bathed in live music and sound healing by Tiffany Sparrow.


    Join Amanda Madhu & Sparrow for an unforgettable experience!


    $45 +gst