Yoga Align & Pranayama Workshop

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Leala Enfield

    Wednesday November 8th , 2023  5:30-7:15 pm


    • Learn the power of natural alignment to optimize core strength, great posture, groundedness and relaxation of key muscle groups.
    • Breakdown some of the most common postures in yoga to learn alignment habits that will transform your practice and keep your joints safe and pain free for the long term.
    • Prevent over use injuries that poor alignment in postures can aggravate.
    • Learn the art of Ujayii (Victorious breath) combined with Bandhas (internal locks) to optimize oxygenation & purification in your practice
    • Connect with the 30 day Challenge community for a fun & interactive afternoon of key learning for steady yoga practice!


    This workshop is open to all students and FREE for 30 day yoga challenge participants! Counts as your class for the day.


    30 Day Challenge Free Registration (call or email to reserve your spot)


    Regular price: $40 +gst