Yoga evolution: Yogic living for modern times

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Friday 5:30-9:00/Sat & Sun 8-5 pm

    April 11-13, 2025

    Learn ancient yogic secrets for longevity, joint health, vitality & the evolution of your home practice on and off the mat.

    By incorporating dinacharya (daily yogic routines) and ayurveda, yoga becomes a way of being and a way of living, seamless with all aspects of modern tasks and responsibilities. Organic changes and steady transformation are the fruits of simple application of yoga practices. Learn the art of balancing strength with flexibility to keep your joints healthy, preventing overuse injuries for a lifelong yoga practice.


    What you’ll learn:

    • Revolutionize your home practice: breathe into new thresholds while cultivating stillness & energetic balance
    • Dinacharya: Daily practices that harmonize with the Ayrurvedic 24 hour cycle, the seasons and life stages
    • Kriyas: Yogic cleansing techniques for optimal health for longevity & common health concerns
    • Dharma & San Kalpa Shakti: Uncover, align and shine in your true calling, your deeper purpose
    • Prana Tejas Ojas: Explore the vital essences
    • Leadership & Ethics: Explore yoga ethics, gurus, and the art of true leadership without pedestals
    • Trauma Informed Yoga


    This training counts as 25 hours towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Upgrades. It is also a core module for the Prana 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.