Yoga for Back Care

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Colleen Dibden

    Mondays 6:00 – 7:00 pm | October 23rd – December 11th, 2023


    Back pain is the most common health complaint in North America and one of the top reasons for missed days from work. In this course you will learn basic anatomy of the spine and the major muscle groups that support the spine, such as the pelvic floor muscles. We will explore common back issues including: sciatica, scoliosis, sacroiliac joint pain, osteoporosis and muscle strain. You will practice postures that will both prevent and help with back pain. You will also learn breathing techniques that will help you to relax and release tight muscles, as well as, manage your pain. You will come away with a tool kit for a more supple and moveable spine, improved posture and core strength! This course is an investment in yourself and the long term health of your spine!


    Recommended props: Yoga block and strap


    8 week series pre-registered | $149 + tax
    Drop In | $22 (if space permits)



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