Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Prem Robin Campbell and Amanda Whiting

    Returning 2023!
    Friday 4:30-9 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8:30-5 pm


    This workshop is designed for individuals to deepen their capacity to support those who experience anxiety and stress. Together we’ll explore practices for emotional health that include asana sequences, visualizations, and meditations including metta (loving kindness). As well, there will be opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the aspects of yoga through dyad work and guided self explorations.  This experiential weekend will leave you equipped with more confidence in holding space for students going through emotional difficulty.


    During this intensive you will:


    * Understand anxiety and stress from the perspective of the nervous system and how yoga shift states of mind through body and breath

    * Gain in-depth knowledge of specific yoga asanas, pranayama and meditations that regulate and balance emotions

    * Learn how to support others when they are triggered and feel anxious and/or dysregulated

    * Cultivate self compassion, loving kindness and forgiveness

    * Reconnect with oneself and with life

    * Learn specific sequences to use before bed, while at work, and more!


    This 25 hour training fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirements for Continuing Education. It is also an elective module for the Prana 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training.



    Earlybird $399+gst until September 1



    A manual will be provided.


    “This course was exactly what I needed to open my perspective on stress and evaluate ways to facilitate a safe space for moving through stress & anxiety.” ~ Anonymous


    “My experience in this course was nothing short of incredible. The workshop was comprehensive, and I loved the balance of Western Science and Eastern Philosophy. I’ve struggled with an anxiety and panic disorder for years as a result of PTSD, and this weekend gave me so many take-aways. I can’t wait to practice what I learned at home. Thanks Amanda & Prem!” ~ Julia


    Robin Campbell (Prem Sagar) is a Registered Psychologist and a Certified Yoga Therapist working in private practice in Calgary. Prem has pursued the art of yoga and meditation since 1999, when he first met his teacher, Yogi Vishvketu in Rishikesh, India. Since then, Prem has been part of the teaching faculty for the World Conscious Yoga Family, an organization founded by Yogi Vishvketu that emphasizes the importance of yoga’s holistic path for transformation.

    As part of the teaching faculty, Prem has developed courses on Yoga psychology and offers therapeutic skills training. In addition, Prem has been part of the teaching faculty of Mt. Royal University Yoga Therapy program for the past decade and teaches courses on ‘Yoga for Mental Health and Wellness’ and ‘Therapeutic Relationships’. In his trainings, Prem offers a unique blend of experiential exercises that supports a deeper integration of the wisdom teachings from yoga and mindfulness based practices.





    Amanda has been practicing yoga off and on since her early 20s, but after back surgery in 2009 restricted her range of motion, she found her way back to yoga full time. When she first started back, touching her toes seemed like an impossibility, but, like many discoveries through yoga, there is no such thing as an impossibility. Yoga is a daily part of Amanda’s life both on and off the mat. Amanda has come to realize that the asana (postures) of the practice only skim the surface of what is available to be learned. Forever a student, Amanda has a thirst to continue learning and is on a lifelong learning journey that encompasses body, mind and soul. Her passions include mindfulness, loving kindness meditations, yin yoga and healing the physical body.

    Amanda obtained her 200 & 300 hour trainings at Prana Yoga Studio under the delightful Yogi Vishvketu, and has certifications for both Prenatal (RPYT 85 hour) and Yin Yoga (115 hours). Amanda now has the pleasure of assisting the Prenatal Teacher Training through Om Mama Yoga. Teaching yoga has truly rejuvenated her and she loves being able to share all she has learned with the world.