Yogi Vishvketu Master Class: The Five Pranas

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    The Five Pranas ~ Expand your Energetic Field


    with Yogrishi Vishvketu

    May 26th, 2018ย  2-5 pm


    Join Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) for this breath-work intensive with teachings on the Five Pranas. The session will start with a one-hour holistic yoga practice that takes you on a journey of the Five Pranas. Next, Vishva-ji will present each of these sub-pranas, how they operate in the body and which techniques expand and stabilize their field. The final hour of the workshop will delve into breath-work! Pranayama is a very powerful tool for clearing energy blockages and stagnant thought patterns, making you feel more inspired and alive! Vishva-ji will guide you through a unique sequence of breathing practices during which you will have the chance to feel and absorb the effects of the different techniques. Youโ€™ll come away with more confidence in bringing these tools into your home practice.


    photo by Martin Prihoda


    Yogi Vishvketu Master Class: The Five Pranas $55

    Yogi Vishvketu Master Class:ย Shiva Shakti Power $55ย 

    Both Workshops together: $99


    Please note: Vishva’s workshops sell out every year. Please register early to avoid disappointment.




    Yogrishi Vishvketu will also be leading a spring retreat at the beautiful Sanctum Retreat Center in Caroline AB from May 31-June, 2018. Learn more at akhandayoga.com