The Yin Within

About This Project

Saturday September 17
$40 + gst

Prepare your body for the transition from summer into fall with this meditative yin experience.

Join Amanda for a deep exploration of Yin Yoga. During this workshop you will learn how yin postures affect your connective tissues, why that is of benefit to your body, and how mindfulness enhances the process.

The Yin aspect of Yoga (using postures that put appropriate stress on connective tissue) helps bring balance to physical and mental health. Holding postures and focusing inward brings about a meditative state and enhances the connection between mind and body. Yin is a vital complimentary practice for anyone seeking greater balance in their lives. It increases range of motion, prevents contracture and degeneration, and increases hydration within the joints.

Adding a mindfulness practice offers tools for meditation, and a deeper awareness of thought.

Be prepared to explore yin postures and sink deep into mindfulness meditation.