300 Hour Teacher Training

Prana Yoga Studio 300-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program in Edmonton for 500 hour certification


Are you a 200 hour trained yoga teacher? Are you interested in deepening your practice and taking your teaching to the next level? Are you drawn to moving through an in-depth YTT program with a committed group of like-minded individuals, growing and sharing together?

Dive into the true roots of traditional, holistic yoga and its timeless application for the evolving world.  The course offers yoga teachers of all traditions a unique opportunity for professional development and profound personal growth.

300-hour certification course (which gives a graduate a total of 500-hours of training in combination with their previous YTT 200) is intended only for graduates of a Yoga Alliance recognized 200-hour teacher training program or equivalent. Core and elective modules can also be audited by any committed yoga students.

Yoga teaching is an art that refines and evolves as we do. This is never static, but something that develops directly through our own authenticity and through immersion in yoga practice, philosophy and lifestyle. There are no set rules or structures, but a rich tradition to draw from in our explorations. Yoga teacher training is a huge support for this development.

The YTT 300 group will explore the transformative power of diverse aspects of the yoga tradition both theoretically and experientially, and provide the opportunity for students to share reflections and personal experiences in a supportive community of yogis and teachers. The course offers the following elements: Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Philosophy-Lifestyle-Ethics, Anatomy (physical and subtle), and a Teaching Practicum.

The 300 hour program is a modular based program designed to combine core modules with elective modules.

Receive 7 months of free yoga classes during the course!

Core Modules

200 hours of transformational practice, learning & growth in a cohesive group

7 core modules PLUS a graduation weekend in May

Holistic Yoga Immersion

  Friday 5:30-9:00  Sat & Sun 8 am-5 pm Oct. 25-27, 2024   Join us for weekend one of our 300 hour YTT program! This module is open to the public as well. Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the full program? Start…

Advanced Anatomy Yoga Training

Friday 5:30-9:00  Sat & Sun 8am-5pm Nov. 29th-Dec. 1, 2024   Understanding anatomy in form and function within our yoga practice keeps us free from injury and flowing with grace for the long term, optimizing the benefits of practice every time we step onto the…

Advanced Alignment, Asana & Pranayama

Friday 5:30-9:00pm / Sat & Sun 8am-5pm Jan. 17-19, 2025   Take your practice to the next level by learning powerful alignment tips to get you floating and flying with strength and grace.   What you can expect from this module: Functional movement and integral…

Advanced Yoga Philosophy Intensive

Feb. 5 – March 19, 2025 Wednesday Evenings | 7 weeks 6-9pm ONLINE COURSE   Required reading: Bhagavad Gita (Stephen Mitchell translation preferred) Upanishads (Eknath Easwaran translation preferred)   Yoga philosophy brings ancient wisdom to life for direct application in our modern world. These timeless…

Advanced Sequencing

Friday 5:30-9:00pm / Sat & Sun 8am-5pm Feb. 21-23, 2025   Learn the art of sequencing for energetic balance in your home practice or public classes, including hot yoga, vinyasa yoga and holistic yoga styles.   Yoga and energy balance: how to harmonize solar &…


  Friday 5:30-9:00 / Sat & Sun 8am-5pm March 14-16, 2025   What is yoga for energetic balance how can it help me heal? What is the subtle body and how does yoga affect it?   Come explore the intricate connection between chakras (energy centres),…

Yoga evolution: Yogic living for modern times

Friday 5:30-9:00/Sat & Sun 8-5 pm April 11-13, 2025 Learn ancient yogic secrets for longevity, joint health, vitality & the evolution of your home practice on and off the mat. By incorporating dinacharya (daily yogic routines) and ayurveda, yoga becomes a way of being and…

300 hour Grad Weekend

May 3 & 4, 2025 with the 300 hour YTT teachers & grads   This poignant weekend is the culmination of so much learning, focus and growth.   We’ll have student presentations, transformational experiences, learning the art of business, and completion with kirtan singing and…

Elective Modules

Choose 100 hours of elective modules to expand your teaching expertise and enrich your personal practice

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Info Session

Sunday September 8th on Zoom |  6:00-7:00 pm   Are you a 200 hour trained yoga teacher? Are you interested in deepening your practice and taking your teaching to the next level?   Join us for a FREE Zoom information session that will give you…

Breathwork Facilitator Training: Level 1

Level 1 of the Foundation course for Conscious Connected Breathwork September 20-22, 2024 with Trevor Yelich   Ready to take your next step in weaving the transformational modality of Conscious, Connected Breathwork into your own life and potentially into your heart-centered work with clients? For…

Classical Kundalini Yoga Immersion

with Isabelle (Sakshi) Addison, E-RYT 500     September 27-29, 2024 Friday 5:30-8:30 pm, Saturday/Sunday 8:00 am-5:00 pm     Are you looking to heighten your intuition, release emotional blockages, clear stagnant energy, and awaken a flow of newness in your body?     Join…

We have up to 12 elective modules to choose from yearly





Learn to practice and teach advanced asana and pranayama techniques, using layered options, modifications, and focused assists. Expand your ability to work with diverse student bodies, ages and limited mobility concerns as well as challenging advanced students. Advanced anatomy and asana classes weave western and yogic science into the art of alignment.



Learn to teach advanced holistic yoga and how to design sequences to optimize energetic balance for your home practice or public classes. Learn powerful alignment tips to get you floating and flying with strength and grace. Refine the art of theming, language use, and how to creating a safe and transformational space. Learn how to work with a variety of populations, offering layered cues, options and modifications including prop use.



Teachings and discussions of yoga philosophy through history with reference to the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. We’ll expand upon Ayurveda and dinacharya (daily yogic routines) to support our practice both on and off the mat. We will also explore business and the ethics of the yoga teaching profession.

Tuition Information:

All 7 core modules + the 2 day closing weekend
* Includes practicums, presentations, teacher meetings, etc

Individual Core Modules $459 each
Friday 5:30-9:30 pm/8am-5pm Sat & Sun

Total Cost of training (if taken in the same year): $3395

*to be eligible for 500 certification you must attend all core modules & closing weekend.
**Core modules can also be registered for individually for those looking for CEU
Elective modules: $350-$700 each 20-50 hours, variable by instructor

EARLY BIRD PRICING: Save $200 if enrolled before August 15, 2024.

NOTE: If you have taken other intensives in the past 3 years, please let us know as we may be able to count them towards elective hours for this 300 hour training.

Please note: A non refundable $500 deposit is required at time of application. Auto payment plans available on request. Please note our YTT refund policy.




April Cantafio

April teaches many of the philosophy segments, as well as pranayama, sound, and energy segments in the 300 hour training.

The essence of yoga first infused my life in the year of 2000 as I unknowingly walked into the depth of what would be a completely new landscape, led by such humble and wise guides that naturally the practice unfolded before my eyes. From that point on it never left my sight for long and little did I know that it would forever change the way the world…


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…appeared through my eyes. Without my conscious awareness the quality of union embedded in the roots of yoga began to harmonize my past impressions, trauma laid grief and un-serving beliefs that had been situated under the surface. Every practice became a sanctuary in which I was offered a glimpse of new-found freedom and tools to navigate through what at times is the tumultuous waters of life. It was and is the greatest of gifts. Though, I had no intentions of teaching this practice, and instead tried to pursue other creative outlets, eventually through the grace of Yoga the subtle strands of Dharma shone more brightly and acceptance for what was meant to be grew stronger within myself… and so here I am doing my best to simply trust that which is.

I began the path of teaching in 2004 in the form of mentorship with my original teachers Deb and Lacie Cosgrove, and somehow that led me to puruse other trainings both locally and internationally in various styles and schools of thought ranging from Ashtanga to Akhanda to Kundalini. This helped me form a new perspective with which to observe, witness, see.  The foundation that was laid in that time eventually led me to sincerely study the wisdom held in Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Mantra, Meditation and the traditional philosophies that form the umbrella of Yoga while under the guidance of my dear teacher, Yogi Baba Prem and the lineage of Mahavatar Baba-ji. In 2016 I was more than humbled to receive the traditional title of Yogakovid.
I approach my practice and teaching with an innate intention to support the elevation of consciousness. With every practice emphasizing a balance of effort and ease, the embrace of self and collective compassion, and the importance of the foundational breath. The breath as a catalyst for inner union, of body and mind and a gateway leading us towards the depth of Self and the understanding that we are all enough and we are all one.
I appreciate and always bow in gratitude to the facets of studentship that so many of us share together. The light in me honours the light in you. Om Gam Ganapataye Namah


Jennifer Janvier

Jennifer teaches many of the advanced anatomy segments and more in the 300 hour training.

Yoga is both the path and the tool to uncover space within the body and the mind. Within this space lives the truth. We are whole, unburdened, and blissful. My journey to yoga was sparked during my time as a birth doula. Witnessing and holding space for women as they gave birth in a powerful and connected way, ignited a curiosity in the connection between our physical body, the mind, and spirit. Deepening my understanding of the physical body I completed a massage therapy diploma in 2011. My passion for anatomy and functional movement began here…


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…During the remedial exercise component of the program I was introduced to Akhanda yoga. Akhanda yoga opened up the world of pranayama, meditation, and mantra, along side the physical aspect of yoga.

This was the bridge between the physical body and the spirit that I was looking for.

I continued to deepen my practice and completed my 200hr yoga teacher training at Prana in 2017.

Always curious and wanting to dive in deeper, I’m currently working to complete my 300 hr teacher teacher training.

I look forward to sharing and continuing the journey to wholeness with you.


Amanda Whiting

Amanda teaches transformational experiences, and trauma informed yoga in this training.

Amanda (Madhu) had been practicing yoga off and on since her early 20s, and after moving across the country and having 2 babies and back surgery, she found her way back to yoga full time.


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When she first started back, touching her toes seemed like an impossibility, and yet, like many discoveries through yoga, there is no such thing as an impossibility. Yoga is a daily part of Amanda’s life both on and off the mat.

Amanda has come to realize that the asana (postures) of the practice only skim the surface of what is available to be learned. Forever a student, Amanda has a thirst to continue learning and is on a lifelong learning journey that encompasses body, mind and soul. Her passions include mindfulness, loving kindness meditations, yin yoga and healing the physical body.

Amanda is an ERYT-500 hour teacher, as well as a RPYT (Prenatal), and YACEP (Continuing Education). She teaches a variety of classes and trainings at Prana Yoga Studio. Teaching yoga has inspired her to live a life more full of compassion and love.

Isabelle Addison - Crop

Isabelle (Sakshi) Addison

Isabelle teaches many philosophy segments, as well as ayurveda, pranayama, methodology and more in the 300 hour training.

Although I discovered asana practice in 1995, it was not until 2010 that I truly dedicated myself to my practice. In the meantime I plunged heart (and head) first into an exploration of yogic philosophy – though non-dual teachings and satsangs as well as Kundalini Yoga and traditional Vedanta with some excellent teachers in the California and Australia.


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At age 40 I completed the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga Studio. That month of intense sadhana catapulted me into total yet gentle change on all levels. I watched, from the sidelines, as my body, diet, lifestyle, priorities and relationships shifted. I completed my 500 hr YTT in the fall of 2011 in Rishikesh, India, with Yogi Vishvketu and the World Conscious Yoga Family. I am so grateful for Vishvaji’s example – his humor, softness and integrity. In my practice and in my classes I love to explore variety, spontaneity, rhythm, challenge, grounding, and flow, with a strong emphasis on prana (subtle energy) – spreading it through the body equally, creating a dynamic equilibrium. It’s this beautiful, living equilibrium and the privilege of sharing it with others that keeps me returning to the mat. catapulted me into total yet gentle change on all levels. I watched, from the sidelines, as my body, diet, lifestyle, priorities and relationships shifted. I completed my 500 hr YTT in the fall of 2011 in Rishikesh, India, with Yogi Vishvketu and the World Conscious Yoga Family. I am so grateful for Vishvaji’s example – his humor, softness and integrity.

In my practice and in my classes I love to explore variety, spontaneity, rhythm, challenge, grounding, and flow, with a strong emphasis on prana (subtle energy) – spreading it through the body equally, coming into a dynamic equilibrium. It’s this beautiful, living equilibrium that keeps me returning to the mat.

Jeanette Ward - crop

Jeanette Ward

Jeanette teaches segments in advanced anatomy, chair yoga, and more in the training.

Jeanette’s love of nature compliments her love of guiding others on their inner explorations of returning home, while gaining an understanding of the interconnectedness we have with all that is. Querying the WHY of life from childhood, discovering the mystique and infiniteness of yoga, fueled her quest for knowledge that will last lifetimes. Dedication to her personal practice, profound AHA’s and insights inform and guide her teaching. Jeanette embraces all traditions of yoga, absorbing what resonates now, allowing the rest to fall away.


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A gifted teacher, Jeanette encourages students to access and trust their own innate wisdom through pranayama, asana, meditation and hand mudras. Sensitive to energy, Jeanette’s studies at Natural Health Consultants and the Institute of Energetic Healing in Montreal cultivated her understanding of the subtle energetic body. During her Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner training, Jeanette returned home fully, further enhancing her yoga teaching along with enriching all aspects of her life.
Sara Bio Pic

Sara Hastings Morris

Sara teaches advanced alignment segments and more in the training.

Sara stumbled into yoga in 2002 upon returning to canada from living abroad in Paris, She met Leala Enfield founder of Prana yoga studio in Leduc offering yoga classes at a women’s only fitness centre. Sara was instantly drawn to the freedom and grace she felt in her first yoga class.


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She quickly became a regular at Leala’s classes enchanted by the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage. In 2004 with the encouragement of her first teacher she embarked on her yoga teacher certification with Jennifer Steed and Mary Jo-Fetterly of Trinity Yoga. Sara believes that the depth of one’s experience in yoga is individual and although we are all walking the same yogic path each person’s experience is authentic and unique. As a yoga teacher her goal is to be a guide to supporting you in finding the truth of your yogic way and is deeply honored a grateful to be with you on this journey.

Although Sara loves teaching yoga to adults she has dedicated years to sharing the gifts of yoga with children and teens, and had the honor of certifying over 100 inspiring children’s yoga teachers in Canada and the United States as she facilitated the highly acclaimed YogaKids certification program in 2017-2020 under the mentorship of founder Marsha Wenig.


Anukesh Karanjia

Anukesh teaches the Ayurveda segments in the 300 hour training.

Growing up, Yoga has always played a role in my upbringing, culture, and lifestyle. I started a more dedicated practice back in 2015 when I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. It was during this time I was able to connect back to my roots and use the teachings of these ancient practices to bring more balance, harmony, and


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… stability into my life. I changed my career, humbled myself to the practice, and along with therapy began to create a life that was more aligned with my beliefs and values.

From there my journey continued, one of the most transformative times for me came when I found out I was pregnant. Prenatal yoga carried me through the most beautiful and challenging times during my pregnancy and well into motherhood. After giving birth, I enrolled in my YTT200 hr training and continue to learn, grow, and evolve within my own practice.

I recently completed my 300hr teacher training and Prenatal/Postnatal certification. During the pandemic I started exploring Ayurveda as a practitioner (specifically with body work). I have so much gratitude in my heart for all of the teachers, peers, family, and friends who have supported this journey and I hope to share the unfolding experiences, knowledge, and truth I receive through these various sources with those seeking the benefits of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Meditation.

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