who are we, and what is prana?


Prana: (sanskrit) pra’na: Vital life force energy which is absorbed through breath, permeating body, mind & spirit.

Yoga in Edmonton - Prana Yoga Studio, prana, yoga, Edmonton yoga, Edmonton Yoga studios, yeg, yeg yoga, Edmonton Yoga Studio, Contact, Prana, Yeg, West end yoga studio, Edmonton's West end, contact information, directions, map, hot yoga, akhanda, prenatal, mom & baby yoga, kids yoga, teen yoga, hatha beginner, therapeutic yoga, vinyasa, yin yang yoga, yin yoga, yoga teacher training,Prana Yoga Studio was founded on the vision of creating a center for growth and beauty, nourished by the rich traditions of yoga. By connecting breath, movement and awareness, students are inspired to move past the boundaries of the conditioned mind, into a state of clarity and authenticity. Our classes offer precision and flow, depth and vitality. Our team is made up of a group of dedicated and professional yoga practioners both highly trained and passionate about sharing their love of yoga with others. At Prana we believe in weaving the ancient traditions of yoga into each class in a way that is accessible and applicable to contemporary life. Our classes support the health and fitness on all levels of the individual – physical, mental, and emotional.

We have designed our center to be both calming and uplifting, so that the moment you walk through our doors you will feel at home. The invitation is to focus deeply on yourself, to reconnect with your breath, your body, and your very essence. Our classes are non-competitve, ranging from absolute beginner classes to challenging and dynamic flow styles. All levels of classes are designed to move the student out of the analytical, comparative mind, into a state of relaxed presence and vitality. Whether students are coming to increase their level of fitness, release stress, or calm their mind, they will discover so much more than just fantastic classes… they will discovery health, peace and community!

Benefits are directly experienced during and after each class, as well as cumulatively over time. With yoga, the physical benefits of flexibility, strength and weight loss are a given, but what keeps students truly engaged and inspired are the holistic effects of increased self awareness, a deeper sense of clarity and meaning, a healthier mind/body connection, and an ability to be more grounded in the midst of the inevitable challenges in life.

At Prana, we engage with the wider community through unique and dynamic fundraising events such as Goddesses Night Out and our Free Yoga Weekend, as well as developing the studio community through concerts, dance parties, workshops, international and local yoga retreats, and yoga teacher training programs for committed students ready to take their practice to the next level.

Many of our students and teachers have been inspired by Yogi Vishvketu of World Yoga Family, who visits the studio every year. Watch for his retreats & workshops every year in June! See you on you mat…

New to yoga? We have a variety of choices for getting started, from basic beginner classes, therapeutic classes, or active entry classes for fit individuals who enjoy a challenge. Feel free to set up a phone or on-site consultation to get started.

Ready to drop in? Join us!


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