200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Prana Yoga Studio 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training Program in Edmonton

Love yoga and want to go deeper?

Burning to share what you love about yoga with others? If you have a passion for yoga and for exploring the deeper questions of life, if you love to grow and learn, if you are ready to take your practice or teaching to the next level and/or ready to share your passion for yoga with others, this course may be your next step! Whether you are clear you want to teach, or that you want to dive more deeply into the tradition of yoga for your own personal growth, you are warmly welcome to join us for our upcoming trainings.

200 hour + 300 hour = 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification

200 EXTENDED TRAINING: January – May, 2025  Now accepting applications.

SUMMER INTENSIVE TRAINING begins 2025: Dates Coming Soon!  

For information about our 300 hour program, click here.

Payment Plans are available:

Scholarship opportunities available

About the Training

Program of Study:

  • Form, method of instruction, benefits and cautions of asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and kriyas (cleansing techniques)
  • Learning to create various class-styles: Beginner, Intermediate, Dynamic Flow
  • Teaching methodology, including yoga for diverse ages and levels, including prenatal yoga
  • Anatomy and the physical/mental benefits of yoga
  • Subtle yogic anatomy and the Chakras
  • Introduction to Ayurveda, nutrition, and the yogic diet
  • Ashtanga philosophy (the eight-fold path)
  • Study and discussion of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, aphorisms giving insight into profound yogic practices, as well as their life-transforming benefits
  • Teaching practicum and feedback from the trainers

200 Hour YTT | FREE Class & Info session:

Try a class in our beautiful studio and meet the teachers! Learn about our extended Yoga Teacher Training program running from January-May 2025.

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Have you ever wondered how much more yoga could change you if you really committed? Magnify everything you love about yoga by diving deep into this ancient, transformational practice in a vibrant & supportive group setting with expert teachers!

Whether you want to teach or simply deepen your practice, you are warmly welcome to learn more about our upcoming 200 hour programs at our free information session.

200 hour Summer Yoga Teacher Training

 July 15th – August 9th 2024 | Monday – Friday 8am-5pm 

200 hr.+300 hr.= 500 hour certification. Learn about our 300 hour program for 500 hour certification

Join us this summer for a four week intensive yoga course running Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. This program is a powerful immersion into the traditions of yoga. You will emerge from the course steeped in the art of teaching yoga. Clear your schedule and dive deep into new learning about the diverse aspects of yoga including asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, ayurveda, yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Individual growth and transformation are supported by the group matrix we create together, fostering interconnection, community and the shared love of yoga.

YOGA CODES: Key Foundations of Philosophy, Techniques, Pranayama and Personal Transformation

THE ART OF TEACHING: Yoga History, Ayurveda, Methodology, Finding Your Unique Voice as a Teacher & more

TEACHING EVOLUTION: Anatomy, Presentations, Teaching Practicums, Business, Ethics of Yoga Teaching & Graduation Celebration

HOME STUDY: Online library of instructional classes to study at your own pace.

Teachers: Leala Enfield, Jen Janvier, Tania Vazquez & Anika Rain

Tuition and Registration

Tuition: $3395 +gst


*includes $500 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans available prior to course start date.

Participants receive 3 months of free yoga classes at Prana from July-Sept.

Please note our YTT refund policy.


200 hour YTT Extended program January-May 2025

This program an extended yoga immersion held in-studio at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton, AB.

Teachers: Leala Enfield,  Jennifer Janvier, Tania Vazquez and Anika Rain.

Participants receive 6 months of free drop-in live or virtual yoga classes at Prana during the course.

This course consists of nine weekends plus required class participation/observation.

Tuition: $3395 +gst* | Early Bird (before Nov. 15) SAVE $200!

*includes $500 non-refundable deposit. Payment plans available.

In need of financial assistance? We have a $500 scholarship available! For more information, see our Scholarships page.

Please note our YTT refund policy.

2025 dates:

Hours for the weekends are:
Fridays 5:30-9:00pm |  Saturday 8am-5pm | Sunday 8am-5pm

  • January 11, 12
  • January 24-26
  • February 7-9
  • February 21-23
  • March 7-9
  • March 21-23
  • April 4-6
  • April 25-27
  • May 9-11

What our grads are saying:


“I learned so much about myself that I didn’t know. I feel like an inner flame has been stoked within me and my passion for yoga has only grown. I am stronger, more grounded, and moving toward a life that will fulfill me.” ~ YTT graduate


“The weekends spent at Prana were always informative, fun and interesting. What really struck me was how much more the program was than I was expecting. I became part of an amazing community and was shown support in a way that I’ve never encountered before.” ~ Keryl


“A truly life changing experience. I know I will look back on this experience with love and happiness for the rest of my life.” ~ Megan


“Prana Yoga Teacher Training creates a space where you can learn and explore, while providing dedicated, knowledgeable and caring trainers to guide you as you deepen your connection with yoga, yourself, and the universe.” ~ YTT graduate



Leala Enfield

Leala’s yoga journey began in 1992 in NYC. Her first yoga class sparked a sense that there was much more to life than what the world had presented to her. Within a year, she had moved to the remote side of Maui where she met David Williams and began a three month intensive study of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She went on to develop an steady home practice. Living in community on Maui and traveling, she taught whoever wanted to learn, including the Secoya indigenous people in the Amazon tributaries of Ecuador.

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During this time, Leala began practicing Vipassana meditation, attending numerous 10 day silent retreats. In 2000, Leala attended an Ashtanga Yoga teachers training course with renowned instructor David Swenson and in 2003 completed her 200 hour training through Trinity Yoga.

After moving to Alberta’s dry climate, intensive physical yoga practices began leaving her deeply fatigued. Leala began seeking a more holistic approach to yoga, one that would synergize her love of meditation, mindfulness, breath and embodied movement. She had a dream where she met and merged with an Indian sage who fused yoga and meditation into heart centered awakening. A few weeks later she met Yogi Vishvketu and began her journey into Akhanda® Yoga.

In 2006 Leala founded Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton, Canada where she hosts workshops and trainings with Yogi Vishvketu every year. Leala is the Director of Training for the Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training program at Prana Yoga Studio. Along with owning a busy urban yoga studio, Leala has raised a family, guided international yoga retreats, and taught numerous YTT programs in both Canada and India. Leala’s passions include practicing yoga outdoors, hiking, swimming and quality time with her husband and their two vivacious daughters.

The benefits of yoga are precious and far-reaching. The invitation is to be profoundly open inside while holding vibrant presence for boundriless, limitless growth and evolution.


Anika Rain

Yoga, Sanskrit for “union of the mind, body, and soul,” has been a presence in my life since the beginning. My family members and role models each embody unique adaptations of values and practices that reflect this philosophy, but when I truly fell in love with the yogic tradition I was 18 years old in India. There I spent a month in Yogrishi Vishveketu’s ashram observing him and my mother lead a 200 hour yoga teacher training. This experience inspired my own dive into a 200 hour training, which solidified my connection to the practice and…

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integration of yogic wisdom into daily life.

My love for the umbrella of conscious movement and mindful practices that includes asana blossomed over 9 months of backpacking solo across Asia. On this journey I first began to teach yoga classes and explore complimentary practices of honing the mind, heart and body, including vipassana meditation, ecstatic dance, ceremonies, and fire spinning. Following this trip I began my psychology degree at MacEwan university which continues to expand my understanding of human consciousness and refine my love for communicating it. With the completion of my 300 hour program and regular teaching experience at Prana, I continue discovering new depths of nourishment in my own practice and in sharing yoga with others


Jennifer Janvier

Yoga is both the path and the tool to uncover space within the body and the mind. Within this space lives the truth. We are whole, unburdened, and blissful. My journey to yoga was sparked during my time as a birth doula. Witnessing and holding space for women as they gave birth in a powerful and connected way, ignited a curiosity in the connection between our physical body…


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…the mind, and spirit. Deepening my understanding of the physical body I completed a massage therapy diploma in 2011. My passion for anatomy and functional movement began here. During the remedial exercise component of the program I was introduced to Akhanda yoga. Akhanda yoga opened up the world of pranayama, meditation, and mantra, along side the physical aspect of yoga.

This was the bridge between the physical body and the spirit that I was looking for.

I continued to deepen my practice and completed my 200hr yoga teacher training at Prana in 2017.

Always curious and wanting to dive in deeper, I’m currently working to complete my 300 hr teacher teacher training.

I look forward to sharing and continuing the journey to wholeness with you.

Tania and Sarah - Portraits of the Heart

Tania Vazquez

Yoga has been the clearest path to self exploring and discovery. When I was first introduced to meditation (in my early teens) I felt a strong curiosity about the boundaries that my mind was able to cross when practicing. A sense of grounding and mind opening are recurrent patterns in my practice.
In Mexico, I practiced Kundalini and Hatha Yoga.

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Finding the Akhanda experience at Prana opened a whole new world for me. I soon fell in love with how integrational -holistic- the classes are, as well as the sense of care and attention that each teacher has to offer. I’ve found so much inspiration here.

Completing my 200 hrs YTT in 2017 is one of my proudest and most fulfilling life events, and I can only continue to learn, share and deepen my knowledge.


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