Homeschool Yoga

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    with Michelle Stady

    ages 8 and up

    Mondays 1:00-2:30 pm


    Each week your child will cultivate a strong, flexible and healthy mind, body and spirit connection through yoga and meditation. Kids will learn how to calm and relax their nervous system through simple and effective methods of meditation, breathwork and yoga postures. They’ll explore in a fun and dynamic environment how meditation affects the brain, the benefits of self-care through yoga and meditation, and calming response tools for stress and anxiety. This class will help children increase concentration, attention and focus while providing an opportunity to develop connections with other homeschoolers.


    Learning together in a warm and welcoming environment while exploring the joys of yoga both individually and in connection allows each child to develop self confidence and self worth while nurturing a strong body and mind connection… all while having fun!!


    ♥ mantra meditation and stress management skills
    ♥ pranyama techniques, calming response tools & mindfulness
    ♥ fun and interactive yoga sequences and postures
    ♥ healthy habits through self-care with meditation, yoga & mindfulness
    ♥ introduction to Ayurveda, the 5 elements and how they affect us and our environment
    ♥ the stress response and how it behaves in the brain
    ♥ how the digestive system is connected to our mind, emotions
    ♥ how to discover and nurture your inner superhero
    ♥ how to make your own soothing, immune boosting seren-i-tea
    ♥ essential oils for clarity and relaxation
    ♥ mindful crafts and activities


    Parents will receive handouts after each class to help review and discuss topics covered.


    First Monday of each month: 6 weeks: $89

    October 2nd
    November 6th
    December 4th
    January 8th
    February 5th
    March 5th


    Siblings receive 10% family discount. To receive this discount, register both children before proceeding to checkout. Use code “sibling10” at checkout.